With the arrival of NBN, IP CCTV systems have become the most popular and future-proof option for securing homes and business premises. IP CCTV systems offer Plug and Play capability offering Home and Business users the DIY option to install their own systems.

IP CCTV solutions offer High Resolution images and are scalable. i.e users can start with  a few cameras and expand to many more as and when they require. The same goes for the recording media, users can add an extra recording drive whenever they add extra cameras or need more recording space.

IP CCTV cameras also offer low installation costs since they support PoE  i.e. they draw power from the same data cable used to transmit the video images, hence there is no need for a separate power point for each camera, all that is required is a network cable to install the IP camera.

Our IP CCTV Range includes Next Generation Starlight H.265 plus cameras which save on recording space and offer high quality images even in very low light conditions.Users are also able to monitor cameras remotely and receive real time notifications on mobile phones whenever there is an event.

We also offer easy to install DIY IP CCTV Packages combining some of the best products bundled together at discounted rates. Not only do our IP CCTV packages offer value for money but they also ensure the right product combinations for easy installation and trouble free performance for years to come.

For more information please contact us at info@advanceit.com.au for information and prices of our DIY CCTV packages.