IP over 2 Wire Video Intercoms

If you have an existing intercom system that is no longer working or you wish to upgrade it to a video system and would like to make use of the existing cabling to reduce costs, we have the perfect solution for you. Our IP over 2-Wire Video Intercom System provides a cost-effective, fast, simple and convenient way to upgrade analog intercom systems.

Our IP over 2 wire Video intercoms are an excellent option for installations where you want to make use of old cabling or where Ethernet cabling is not available. 2-Wire technology allows installation of an entire Intercom system, using just 2 wires with both power and data running on the same cables.

Our 2 wire intercom system also supports integration with mobile phones to answer intercom calls remotely from anywhere in the world. The outdoor units are modular allowing Call buttons to be configured to suit Single Homes, Multi Unit Dwellings or Apartment Buildings.

We can also convert any intercom on this website to work over 2 wire using IP to 2 wire converter kits, please contact us for more information.

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IP over 2 wire Indoor Touch Screen Monitor

7 inch capacitive touch screen Android based system Supports Picture in Picture Customised menu options
$300.00 Add

IP over 2 wire Video intercom unit with card reader and option for upto 4 call buttons

Easy to install 2 wire system supports data & power on same cable HD Camera with motion detection support
$375.00$495.00 Select

IP to 2Wire Converter Kit

Transmit IP signals over standard 2-core or coaxial cable Integrate IP devices (such as IP cameras, IP intercom,
$286.00 Add