Window / Counter Intercom

Window / Counter intercom is a dual way device, it comprises of a Microphone Base and Customer Speaker. The Microphone base is placed inside the counter window for staff to communicate with customers outside the window over the customer speaker. Both the units are amplified and include volume controls for loud and clear communication. We also offer an Induction Loop Kit to enable easy hearing for people with hearing aids.

Window / Counter intercoms enhance staff security and safety and provide easy communication. Window / Counter Intercoms are ideally suited for  Hospital Receptions, Clinics, Aged Care visiting rooms, Money Exchange counters, Gas stations, Chemist shops, Bank Counters, Drive ins, Retail Night Service windows, Movie theaters, Stadiums, Theme Parks etc.

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Bank Teller Intercom MT08

Compact & Slim design Stainless steel Construction Adjustable Volume Control for Teller and Customer units
$594.00 Add

Bank Window Intercom 9500 series

● Electret condenser cardioid microphone; Indicator light on active microphone: when microphone is active, indicat
$440.00 Add

DCL20-65 Induction Loop Kit for Window Intercom

DCL20-65 Induction Loop Kit for Window Intercom 6505 enables to equip reception desks or counters with a hearing loo
$449.00 Add
Featured6505 window intercom

Security Window / Counter Intercom- NX6505 series

Easy to install premium digital window intercom system Two way intercom with class D amplifier. Three scen
$649.00 Add