IP Paging & Public Address Systems

Broadcasting messages across your entire organization has never been easier, with IP Paging & PA Systems you can use them over existing Ethernet Network. Any organization from schools, healthcare, car parks, factories, retail stores, warehouses, theme parks, minesites, transport hubs etc. that need to quickly and effectively alert an entire team or just a small group, can benefit from the advanced features and functions now available from IP paging systems.

Why not use your existing data network to distribute high quality sound, voice paging, informacast messaging,  music / bell tones. IP Paging & PA systems are particularly suited for School Bell / PA applications and can be deployed as standalone systems or integrated with existing IP Phone Systems and are also support integration with existing legacy amplifier based paging systems.

Automatic prerecorded announcements, Bell scheduler for schools, Music for retail spaces etc. can be programmed to broadcast on certain days or times to a select number or all PA zones, ensuring the message is heard by target audience.

With network based IP paging systems you’ll enjoy a quicker and more flexible installation than traditional wired, analog systems and you’ll eliminate the need for separate voice and data networks. Our IP Paging and PA systems integrate with IP phone systems to reduce installation costs, analog legacy systems can also be integrated by using IP to analog adapters. IP to analog paging adapters /gateways support integration of IP PBX systems to traditional analog PA systems / legacy speakers.

Our product range includes SIP Speakers, SIP Mics, SIP / IP to analog Paging Adapters / gateways, Analog to IP Encoders , SIP Loud Ringers, Automated Bell Schedulers, 2wire to IP converters etc. Please click on links or select from the drop-down menu on the left under IP Paging & Public Address to explore the various sub categories / options.

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Tema AD639R SIP Call Repeater / Ringer

Tenda -TEF1105P-4-63W , 5 port PoE switch

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