Hotel Smart Locks

Hotel smart locks are known for their versatile ways to unlock: Passcode, Physical key, RFID Card and Smartphone are some of the popular options. However in the age of Internet of Things (IoT), allowing guests to unlock the doors using their Smartphones is becoming a fast growing trend.

Ability of Guests to check in and out without an in-person key handover – 24 hours a day is becoming a necessity for most holiday rentals. Hotel Smart Lock applications allow staff to send Electronic Keys to Guests along with booking confirmation for the duration of their stay. Hotel Smart locks also offer centralized management and ability to integrate with Hospitality and Automation applications.

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Hotel Electronic Lock Omnitec Fit-In Code BLE

FEATURES Opening of electronic locks via a numerical code and Bluetooth. Configuration, lock event list and

Omnitec Gateway – Bluetooth + Wi-Fi

Discreet, elegant and functional Gateway - Buletooth + Wi-Fi converts Omnitec Bluetooth Access Units and Electron
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