Keyless Entry Systems

A lot of home and business owners these days want something that is truly reliable when it comes to securing their properties. In recent times, the use of key-less entry solutions have become very popular due to their use of biotechnology and wireless connectivity. Key-less entry systems offer multiple modes of operation Face Recognition, Keypad , Biometric fingerprint, Bluetooth/ Zwave / Zigbee wireless functionality and also mechanical backup keys just in case.

Not only is key-less more convenient, but it puts a stop to lost keys and lock outs and also offers Increased Convenience, Security and Connectivity. You can also check user logs to keep track of who has entered or receive entry notifications on your mobile.Keyless Entry Systems provide secure management of entryways, doors, gates and other access points. and have now become an integral part of smart security for a modern connected home.

Our Keyless entry solution portfolio includes – Face Recognition Intercoms and CCTV cameras, Smart locks and Access Readers with Fingerprint, RFID , Bluetooth and App based Ekeys.

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2N 9155037 Wiegand Module

The module helps you interconnect your system with other systems via the Wiegand interface. The module is installed
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2N 9155040 RFID Card Reader13.56MHz for 2N IP Verso

• The module contains two 2N® IP Verso bus connectors • These two connectors are fully interchangeable and can
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2N 9159013 Exit Button

2N 9159013 Exit Button is useful for opening the door strike from inside when leaving the premises. Connects to logi
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2N 916010 IP Access unit with 13.56 MHz reader NFC ready

The 916010 2N® Access Unit is a easy to install access system with IP 13.56MHz RFID and NFC ready reader, it combin
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2N 916013- Bluetooth Access Unit

Different door opening modes Security comparable with internet banking Adjustable Communication Distance Si
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2N 916016- Touch Keypad Access Control unit

Capacitive touch technology Regular Automatic Calibration Web interface administration Tamper Protection
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2N 916019 – Access unit with Fingerprint Reader

Maximum security, high reliability with rapid fingerprint reading. Reliable optical technology Innovative an
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2N 9160336 IP ACCESS UNIT – RFID reader and Keypad

2N® Access Unit 2.0 Touch Keypad & RFID is a compact access control unit equipped with an RFID card reader and
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2N 916112 Access unit M- RFID 13.56 MHz, NFC

Convenience of mobile credentials Mullion-style narrow profile for door frame location Different modes of

2N 916114 Access Unit M – RFID Multifrequency, NFC

Convenience of mobile credentials Mullion-style narrow profile for door frame location Different modes of

2N 916115 Access Unit M – Bluetooth, RFID, NFC

Convenience of mobile credentials Mullion-style narrow profile for door frame location Different modes of

2N 916116 Access Unit M – Touch Keypad, RFID, NFC

Convenience of mobile credentials Mullion-style narrow profile for door frame location Different modes of


2N® Access Commander is far more than just a tool for managing access control to your premises. Its undeniable bene
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2N Access Commander Box – 91379030

Access control configuration Designed for SME installations Built-in time and attendance Up and running wit
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2N IP Access Unit Mounting kits

Having chosen Access Control Modules, you can select mounting kits from a range of Surface-mount or Flush-mount opti
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Various access for your convenience -- password/card/key/smart phone American standard single latch for easy rep
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Hotel Electronic Lock Omnitec Fit-In Code BLE

FEATURES Opening of electronic locks via a numerical code and Bluetooth. Configuration, lock event list and

M3 Pro – Professional Outdoor Access Control unit with Touch Keypad, Bluetooth, RFID.

IP65 Waterproof Design IK10 Vandal Proof Design Touch active keypad Bluetooth magic shake open Dual freq
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Omnitec Flat2 Smart Lock – Bluetooth, Pincode, Ekey Access options

Omnitec FLAT2 Smart lock offers Smartphone App based setup and management system without need for traditional mechan

Omnitec Gateway – Bluetooth + Wi-Fi

Discreet, elegant and functional Gateway - Buletooth + Wi-Fi converts Omnitec Bluetooth Access Units and Electron
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Tenda -TEF1105P-4-63W , 5 port PoE switch

Fast Ethernet PoE switch comes with 4  PoE ports + 1 uplink port. The switch enables users to use all the PoE ports
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  Stainless Steel Deadbolt Cover Back plate covers up holes left by previous deadlock, available in Satin Ni
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Ultraloq UL3 Smart lock is designed to be “Real Keyless” for maximum flexibility and convenience. You are free t
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X5S – Smart Lock with Bluetooth, RFID, Keypad, Fingerprint and Physical Key

Body Material: Stainless Steel 304 Opening Ways: Fingerprint, Password, Card, Android Phone, Mechanical Key To
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Z Wave or Bluetooth Module option RFID Card /PIN Access/Key Universal installation with Reversible handle A
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ZWSN80 – Zwave Smart Lock with Keypad and Manual Keys

 ZWSN80 – Zwave Smart Door Lock Door Thickness: Adjustable 2-3⁄8″(60mm) or 2-3⁄4″(70mm) Keypad PI
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