Intercom SIP Server for Apartments / Gated Communities

Intercom SIP Servers are control devices which manage the intercom system end points to deliver calls to the required extensions / monitors.

The intercoms we sell are SIP compliant, i.e. they are a step ahead of normal IP intercoms available in the market in terms of features and functionality – i.e. besides doing everything IP intercoms do, SIP intercoms can integrate with VoIP networks to make calls. Imagine how beneficial it would be if your intercom or camera could call you and stream audio / video when triggered by a visitor. Integration of SIP Intercom & Telephones using SIP servers also allows dual use of the same device – i.e. you can answer / make Intercom and Telephone calls from the same device unlike traditional systems where Intercom & Telephones were separate units. This reduces hardware, cabling, installation costs and allows Intercom calls to be forwarded to mobiles, landlines, tablets, PCs, Cordless phones, Remote extensions etc.

SIP servers enhance the flexibility and convenience of the intercom system by integrating iPhones, Smart Phones, Tablets, Softphones, Cordless Phones etc. to receive and make intercom calls. SIP servers also allow integration with VoIP / PSTN lines to deliver intercom calls on your mobile regardless of your location whether you are at home, at office or traveling overseas.