SIP Paging & Public Announcement

Information dissemination across Private / Public Spaces for the broadcast of announcements, evacuation or public safety announcement is hassle-free using our IP public address system. Our PA systems support live or prerecorded announcements set to broadcast on certain days or times to a select number or all PA zones, ensuring the message is heard by target audience.

SIP PA systems can easily be integrated into existing, shared or dedicated networks or IP Phone systems and support PoE thereby eliminating the need for electrical cables and power outlets.

School Paging Systems efficiently initiate day-to-day public address announcements, manage bell scheduling, provide notification for emergency alerting, and support visitor communication at secure entrance doors, gates and other access points.

Flexible and stable – not limited by distance SIP PA Systems are suitable for Schools, Shopping centers, Healthcare, Factories, Warehouses, Car parks, Bus Stations, Train Networks, Airports, Shipyards, Swimming Pools, Amusement Parks, Showgrounds, Gas stations, Markets, etc.

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Tema AD639R SIP Call Repeater / Ringer

Tenda -TEF1105P-4-63W , 5 port PoE switch

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