SIP PA Speakers

SIP PA Speakers are VoIP endpoints that can integrate with IP Phones and Phone systems to provide users a cost effective and easy way to add Paging and Public Address capability to a Voice network. SIP PA Speakers can be deployed to work as a standalone system or integrated with existing IP Phone Systems. They are also capable of integration with legacy paging systems through the use of Paging adapters or Gateways

SIP PA speakers register as extensions on VoIP Phone Systems and can be activated by dialing the extension number to make an announcement. Users can also group speakers to activate them all at once for mass notification by dialing a code or pressing a pre-programmed key on their phones. SIP PA speakers also support Multicast streaming with priority options – i.e. if music / radio is streaming on the speakers, users could barge in to make important announcements.

PA speakers come with integrated PoE capability making installation and setup quick, cost effective and easy. We offer SIP Speakers in three main categories – Ceiling mount, Wall mount and Horn, both the wall mount and horn speakers are weather rated for outdoor installations. We also have Wi-Fi speakers with integrated Mics which support two way talk capability.

For basic applications like retail, workshops, gas stations etc. if there is no phone system available, SIP PA speakers can be connected to an IP Phone on a Peer to Peer basis. Users can make announcements on any or all speakers just by pressing the pre-programmed speed dial keys on the phone.

We offer a comprehensive range of IP speakers with option for Mic, Relays, Inputs for Call buttons, SD card for audio files, etc.

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Tenda -TEF1105P-4-63W , 5 port PoE switch

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