3G / 4G LTE Intercom

3G / 4G LTE Cellular intercoms make use of the mobile network to communicate with Home / Apartment users by calling landlines,mobile phones, tablets or video IP phones. 3G / 4G LTE Cellular Intercoms integrate a cellular sim card, they eliminate the need to run cables thereby saving on costs and offer quick and easy installation. These intercoms are particularly handy for applications where no cabling exists or installing new cables is too expensive and risky.

3G intercoms support audio calls and use a voice sim card to call mobiles or landlines. Whereas 4G intercoms use a data sim card to connect with hosted services to deliver video calls to apps on mobile phones, tablets and IP video phones.

3G / 4G LTE Intercoms perform very well since they are not connected by any wires/ cables thereby eliminating the possibility of any breakdowns caused by cable faults and are ideal retrofit solution for Heritage Buildings, Remote sites and installations where cabling is not feasible or too expensive to install.

We offer some of the most extreme weather resistant and vandal proof 3G/ 4G LTE intercoms for all weather outdoor applications.

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