2N 914401E – SIP Audio Converter – Connects with analog speakers

IP to analog paging gateway / converter

The 2N® SIP Audio Converter is an IP paging device which allows connection of IP based phone systems to non IP audio / PA systems. It can be used at the workplace, in schools, offices and other public spaces. You can use it with a loudspeaker as a simple PA system or with a microphone as a two-way intercom.
The link between IP technology and an SIP protocol enables announcements to be sent to all the devices in the system, to select individual zones or call a specific device. With an external microphone and button, an end station can call up to three pre-selected numbers. It is then possible to control one external switch from these workplaces with any function based on the needs of the given operation.

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2N 914401E – SIP Audio Converter uses no moving parts, so you can expect easy installation, reliable operation and long life without the need for maintenance. Each device can be configured via its own web interface or using the application 2N® Helios IP Manager. This makes it easier to configure a large number of devices from one place. If installed at height or in other inaccessible locations, the volume can be regulated via remote control or a web interface.

2N 914401E – SIP Audio Converter is a universal device for simple and effective communication, increased security and property protection. It can act as a PA system or simple intercom. See what it can do for yourself, and it will inspire you to improve the effectiveness of operation at your workplace and save on company costs.

Download 2N SIP Audio Converter Datasheet

Features & Benefits

    Use the Converter with an external speaker as a simple Public Address system or with a microphone as a two-way communicator on the principle of a simple IP intercom.
    Broadcast to an unlimited number of end devices, all without burdening your LAN/WAN with redundant data-streams.
    External devices can be controlled using the relay or you can use it as a priority switch (override mode).
    2N® SIP Audio Converter has a built-in amplifier with an output of 2×10 W so it can easily be connected to a speaker without the need of an external amplifier.
    By connecting a microphone and a switch button you can call up to three pre-set numbers.
    Connect the converter to an existing LAN/WAN network. The actual configuration of the device is performed in a clean web interface.
    The Informacast protocol allows for spoken or sound recording play back from Cisco devices.
    You can easily integrate the 2N 914401E – SIP Audio Converter into third-party systems such as video monitoring systems or IP telephony.


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2N SIP Audio Converter Datasheet


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