PoE 170E – SIP Horn Speaker / Ringer


  • Supports SIP2.0 (RFC3261) and related RFC;
  • 10/100M self-adaptive, support DHCP/static IP, support LAN and WAN;
  • Supports narrowband encoding: G.711a/u; broadband encoding: G.722;
  • Supports audio format: MP3, WAV, etc.;
  • Can play background music, emergency paging and alarm signal from a host system;
  • Complies with IEC 268-5 Power Handling Capacity (PHC) standard; and can work continuously for 100 hours at rated power; passes Simulated Acoustic Feedback Exposure (SAFE) test; and can withstand twice the rated power in a short bursts, ensuring high reliability of the horn speaker under extreme conditions, prolonging the service life, significantly reducing the chance of failure or performance degradation;
  • Equipped with mounting brackets for easy installation;
  • All-weather design, applicable to indoors and outdoors.
  • Active network horn speaker with 120dB SPL

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PoE 170E – SIP Horn Speaker / Ringer is a network full-digital analog-digital conversion signal processor based on the TCP / IP transmission protocol, which can be mounted to any place accessible to network. The remote audio data steam can be output as audio signal through the equipment with intelligent host control.

PoE 170E – SIP Horn Speaker / Ringer supports SIP registration and can be used for announcements or can work as a loud ringer in noisy environments in conjunction with IP Phones to alert users of an incoming calls.


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PoE 170E – SIP Horn Speaker / Ringer Datasheet