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Zavio CB3210 – 2MP Outdoor IR Mini Bullet


Smart Codec + H.265 -ZAVIO Smart Codec + H.265 reduces bandwidth and storage requirements by a stunning 80% compared to standard H.264 camera.

ROI (Region Of Interest) – Defining a Region Of Interest will allow you to spend less bandwidth in areas that are less important while relocating resolution on the most

Corridor mode –  Corridor Mode allows you to get a vertically oriented video stream from the camera, maximizing image quality while eliminating bandwidth and storage waste.


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Smart Codec + H.265 IP Camera 
ZAVIO CB3210 is an outdoor-ready 2MP IR mini bullet camera, with interchangeable lens for maximum flexibility and IR of up to 25 meters effective range. This new CB3210 features ROI (Region of Interest) and Corridor mode, allowing you to spend your precious bandwidth and storage on the areas that really matter and helping you to make the most of your field of view by changing the standard landscape mode into corridor mode for staircases, aisles, tunnels and many more.

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PoE switches & Injectors


Zavio CB3210 Mini Bullet Datasheet


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