IP video door entry systems have long played a key role in maintaining the safety and security of buildings and residents. More and more, they are also integrated with home automation systems to provide further convenience for users.

Smart home systems have been focusing more on comfort, but less on communication, which is also a vital part of home life. Being able to see and talk to family members or visitors instantly and conveniently helps alleviate anxiety and enhances security.

Integration of Intercom with Home Automation (HA) provides home owners the convenience of controlling and managing Intercoms and HA from one single Screen / APP. SIP compatible and Android-based Akuvox smart intercoms offer unparalleled ease of integration with various Home Automation platforms.

Integration Method 1Akuvox door intercom linked with Home Automation controller / server.

Integration Method 2 –  Akuvox door intercom + Akuvox indoor monitor loaded with Home Automation app acts as the HA controller that controls the entire system.

Integrating Akuvox smart door intercoms with Home Automation enables residents to be informed in real-time whenever there is a visitor, talk and view the visitor and open the door. By Integrating Akuvox indoor monitor in the 2nd method, residents can also check on home interiors via its built-in camera and also conduct room-to-room communication if there are multiple monitors installed. More and more, home automation is integrated with the video door entry system so that the user can control and manage various home devices via the same video door entry monitor.

Indeed, today the highlight in the market is the integration between Akuvox IP video door entry systems and home automation. From Akuvox monitors, it is possible to manage automated devices installed in the residence. Moreover the management is done easily, this advantage makes it possible to integrate communications, security and comfort systems in a single device. IP video door entry systems and home automation is the perfect connection of well-being in home.”

Akuvox intercoms support integration with the worlds most popular Home Automation platforms like Control4, Fibaro, Savant, Elan, Zipato, Crestron, Core, etc. For more information on how Akuvox intercoms can integrate with your Home Automation System, please contact us