Use your network and/or the internet to connect to PA systems to make emergency broadcasts, advertising or announcements.  LAN, WAN or web network, distribute high quality sound, voice paging, Informacast messaging, advertising or music from another IP-connected device, Internet Radio, VOIP phones, IP telephone or server.

Flexible and stable – not limited by distance. Ideal for large complexes, commercial and industrial premises, retail and shopping centres, conference venues and school paging systems using the LAN for connection. If getting audio cables or 100v line connections to where you need the speakers is a problem then Audio over IP is the solution. Efficient to install, cost effective, high quality sound and reliable technology. Lockdown a premises in emergency and coordinate resources.

IP Paging & Public Address Solution  for for security / emergency announcements , school bell and paging, (i.e. Lockdown warning, closing time message) or two-way intercom interface using the SIP device’s on-board microphone input. Send voice announcements to any number of IP Speaker devices on the system- unlimited number of end-point devices can simultaneously receive the same broadcast signal.  Real Time Audio Streaming –  Remote Control of Switches – IP Relay control – Multicast – Informacast.

Emergency call solutions i.e. IP Emergency / Safety Phones feature easy-to operate help point units that allow direct voice or video calls to a central control location or help desk providing assistance. Users can also access location, transport or tourism services via the intercom station’s information calling button.Available with Emergency or dual Emergency and Information buttons, the units are ideally suited for applications where assistance may be required in addition to emergency calling. On board configurable relays can be utilize to control lighting, duress alarms, CCTV or gate controls common within public safety and transport environments.

Both the above solutions can be interconnected making them suitable for applications such as Schools, Parks, Shopping centers, Car parks, Bus Stations, Train Networks, Airports, Freeways, Shipyards etc. The systems can easily be integrated into existing, shared or dedicated networks or IP Phone systems and support PoE thereby eliminating the need for electrical cables and power outlets. Our Emergency phones can also be 3G enabled for installation in remote areas.

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