If you are thinking of upgrading or expanding your old PA system and the old analog speakers still work, why replace them ? We offer simple cost effective upgrade solutions for schools who would like to use existing speakers from an old analog paging system and gain enhanced IP paging features.


An IP network-based system upgrade costs less to install and you get a lot more functionality, you can keep what is working with your old system and add a bell scheduler and integrate with your phone system to make announcements or trigger lockdowns. Schools can easily leverage IP paging systems by combining them with their existing IP voice and data networks while gaining powerful features like mass notification for emergency situations without costly upgrades.


  • you can have a piece of music for the bell;
  • you may be able to make announcements directly from your mobile phone while out on school grounds;
  • remote support is possible if you want an external supplier to make adjustments to the settings;
  • easily interface to phones to (lock-down button) trigger / play automated messages;
  • easily create and edit groups or zones (senior school/junior school/indoor/outdoor, etc.).

If required it is easy to expand these network-based systems and add more IP speakers, or relocate IP speakers to new rooms.You can relocate a speaker to another room’s network connection and it will sync back up with the controller automatically and carry on receiving broadcasts without any extra management needed.

You get a simple and modern control interface over bells, live and per-recorded announcements, alarm and lock-down drills and also have a mechanism to trigger emergency messages, lockdowns and alarms.The system uses your network to provide total control and flexibility over your school communications with connection through indoor and outdoor speakers everywhere; classrooms, corridors, fields and halls.


IP PA upgrade solution offers the following hardware options.

  • IP Paging Gateway: An IP paging gateway interfaces the IP network to existing analog paging amplifiers or speakers it also supports integration with IP Phone systems to offer users the extra flexibility and convenience of paging from phone handsets.
  • IP Zone Paging Gateway: An IP Zone paging gateway offers the ability to integrate IP Paging capability with analog speakers and amplifiers which are segregated into multiple Zones. The IP Zone Paging Gateway also offers users the ability to make separate announcements to different zones.
  • IP PA Speakers – It is easy to expand an existing PA system if extra speakers are required without the need for special cabling, IP PA speakers can use existing data networks, simply plug in the speaker and it will sync back with the controller automatically and will be ready for action within a minute.
  • IP Network Bell Scheduler – Adding a Network Bell Scheduler can automate the entire PA network, different zones can be targeted at different times with automated bells and announcements.The Network Bell Scheduler can also be integrated with IP Phones to launch recorded announcements at the touch of a button or by dialing a code.

The upgrade to IP-based systems does not need to be disruptive to your classes. Gateways or Speakers simply need to be connected to your network, and power. The software is usually per-configured and may require some fine tuning, setting speaker volumes and setting up the bell schedule and audio tracks and it should be up and running.

Features & Benefits of IP Paging systems

  • Use the existing network, no need for new electrical and data cables.
  • Are quick to install / relocate and maintain settings.
  • Make announcements to individual rooms or zones.
  • Incorporate easy school-wide connection and audio coverage.
  • Are totally customisable to your needs, bell timetable and zones.
  • Include options to integrate with your VoIP phones for real flexibility.
  • Have excellent sound quality, can control volume on individual speakers.
  • Makes it easy to add, move or relocate speakers.
  • Makes remote support available via internet.
  • Makes changes to speaker zones in the software quick and easy.
  • Removes limit to distance between speakers.
  • Ensures the bell and automatic messages are easily added and scheduled.
  • Interfaces to your Phone system for easy-to-run lockdown drills and trigger other warning messages.
  • Any .MP3 file can be imported and used as a bell, alarm or scheduled message.
  • Allows you to interface with and connect to existing PA systems as a convenient way to extend reach without installing a lot of extra speaker cable.
  • IP paging systems reduce the reliance on several costly backup batteries during power failures. Instead, with PoE, a single UPS (uninterruptible power supply) can be used to provide backup power to an entire network.

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