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Sapling Wireless Messaging Clock System consists of a Sapling Messaging Master Clock with a transmitter, a Sapling Master Input Box, and wirelessly synchronized clocks/message displays. The master clock transmits the time data or the selected message to the clocks in a wireless manner, eliminating the need to run communication wires between the clocks. In addition, since the master clock generates the data being transmitted, the system does not rely on existing facility Wi-Fi or Bluetooth infrastructures.

Along with the standard functionality of a synchronized wireless clock—displaying uniform and accurate time throughout the facility—the system also has the ability to display up to 15 user-programmable messages. Longer messages will scroll across the display at a configurable speed.

Sapling Wireless Messaging Clock System is the perfect solution for organizations seeking a convenient method to quickly relay messages throughout a building.

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  • Sapling Network Clock Monitoring Software

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    • Detects, lists, and displays up-to-date information for all Sapling IP products on the network
    • Links to each clock’s built-in web interface for easy access
    • Enables the user to copy the configuration of one clock to some or all of the clocks in the system
    • Sends email alerts when an IP device does not broadcast to the Network Clock Monitor, or when a battery-operated Wi-Fi analog clock has a low battery level
    • Monitors battery levels for battery-powered Wi-Fi analog clocks
    • Enables the user to perform diagnostics for IP-PoE analog clocks or locally-powered Wi-Fi analog clocks at the press of a button
    • Allows the user to name, group, and prioritize clocks
    • Arranges clocks by name, type, IP address, serial number, runtime, last update, or current status
    • Allows the user to send customizable messages to all or some digital clocks in the system
    • Permits the user to utilize customizable real-time countdowns for all or some digital clocks in the system

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  • Sapling Protective Clear Covers for Clocks

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    Shields any of Sapling’s analog or digital clocks from dust, moisture and debris. Our Clear Cover will fit over the following:

    • 9” and 12” Square Analog Clock
    • 12” and 16” Round Analog Clock
    • 2.5”, 4 or 6 digits Digital Clock
    • 4.0”, 4 or 6 digits Digital Clock
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  • Sapling Protective Wire Guards For Clocks

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    Welded 6 gauge steel rod construction

    Zinc-plated, lacquered-baked clear coat finish

    Available for 12” and 16” analog clocks, 12″ square analog clocks, and 2.5″ and 4.0” digital clocks

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  • Sapling SDLG 3200 Digital Wireless Messaging Clock

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    • Receives time correction and messages wirelessly
    • Scrolling message capability – 15 configurable messages
    • Configurable message scrolling speed
    • Messages can flash when displayed
    • Available with 2.5” (6.35 cm) characters; 6 digit time display
    • Red display
    • 12 or 24 hour time
    • Provided with mounting hardware for easy installation
    • Immediate correction for time change
    • Internal antenna
    • Microprocessor-based clock

    Please contact us for more information and Quote.

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  • Sapling SMM 3000 Series Master Clock

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    • Available in rack mount housing
    • LED and LCD displays
    • 2 rows of 8 rubber buttons for easy programming
    • Intuitive built-in web interface allows the system administrator to configure all the settings of the SMM Series Master Clock easily from the convenience of any computer on the same network
    • Interfaces with Sapling Master Input Box via RS485 to receive and transmit message codes
    • Provides time correction to Sapling SDLG Message Display Clocks, Sapling SALG Wireless Analog Clocks, and Sapling SBLG Wireless Digital Clocks
    • RJ45 input for web interface access and synchronization to any (S)NTP server


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