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  • Tema AD610 IP to analog paging interface gateway, PoE

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    • Supports Integration of Analog PA to IP Phones & Systems
    • P2P mode operation without IP PBX
    • Integrated PoE
    • SD Memory card for streaming recorded announcements
    • Upto 16 multicast channels
    • Integrated relay remotely controllable via LAN
    • 2nd SIP account for Night Ringer
    • App for mobilephone integration
    • Supports integration with any generic PA amplifier
    • Transformer isolated 600 Ohm audio output for amplifiers
    • Amplifier failure detection
    • Package includes shielded cable with connectors


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  • Tema AD612 – IP / SIP 2 x 20 W SIP Paging Amplifier with PoE

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    • 2x20W max outputs for passive external speakers
    • Night ringer (2nd SIP account)
    • SIP Security Info Call Alert/Emergency Phone Call
    • 1 relay remotely controllable via LAN
    • 16 Multicast Channels for Music/Ads/Messages diffusion also in High Audio Quality with 16bit linear codec up to 44KHz
    • P2P (Peer to Peer) operation without IP-PBX
    • Audio Volumes with independent regulation of the channels
    • integrated PoE, a single UTP cable for connection
    • SD Memory with user-customizable audio file from each 16sec (Option up to 960 min – 16 hours of audio)
    • Compatibility with all IP-PBX of the most prestigious brands including 3CX and Asterisk-based systems
    • Can be connected to any type of PA amplifier on the market
    • Extremely compact dimensions
    • Wall mounting, table and DIN rail
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  • Tema AD615/S – Analog to Digital Audio Encoder for Audio Streaming over IP Speakers

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    • Supports G711 and G722 wideband codecs
    • PoE or 12V DC power supply
    • 3.5mm Jack for analog audio source input
    • Web interface for programming
    • External Mic connector
    • Can have multiple units on LAN


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  • Tema AD696 / CT40 Console with 40 zone extension module

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    • Supports announcements from microphone or handset
    • 3.5 ” 480 × 320-pixel color display with back light, 16 bit color
    • Quick function keys
    • Directional microphone
    • Multicast broadcasts
    • 2 Tilt angles for desktop, also wall mountable
    • PoE with 2 x Gigabit Ethernet ports
    • Supports upto 6 expansion modules

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