As apartment and multi unit dwellings become more popular, owners are looking for more advanced features in their intercom systems. However, old buildings often do not have data network wiring in place to install modern state of the art IP-based intercom systems. The costs associated with rewiring have also become a barrier for many intercom system upgrade projects, sometimes it may just not be feasible to lay cables in case of heritage buildings.

If your apartment building has an intercom system that is no longer working or you wish to upgrade to modern IP video system and would like to make use of the existing cabling to reduce costs, or if your existing cabling is no longer working , we have good news for you.

The following upgrade /retrofit options are available, please click on links for more information.

2 wire technology

Allows a new intercom system to be installed over existing cabling. 2-Wire technology allows installation of an entire Intercom system, using just 2 wires with both power and data running on the same cables. Any IP intercom on this website can be installed over existing cabling by using this 2 wire technology.

Wi-Fi enabled Intercoms

Eliminate the need for cables, WI-Fi Intercoms are ideal for heritage buildings and sites where cabling is not feasible or too expensive to install. Wi-Fi Intercoms come with an integrated Wi-Fi module allowing them to connect with the home network without cables. For applications where the front gate is far away we offer Point to Point Wi-Fi hardware which can connect the gate intercom to the main network over long distance just the way a cable connection would by creating a virtual ethernet cable link.

3G , 4G LTE Cellular Intercoms

Integrate a sim card and make use of the 3G /4G mobile network to communicate with Home / Apartment users by calling landlines or mobile phones. 3G / 4G intercoms are mainly used for audio intercom application, they use a Voice SIM card and call residents on their mobiles or landlines. These devices can be programmed to call upto 3 numbers per house one after another if the previous call is not answered. Users are able to talk to visitors and open the gate remotely by dialing a code on the phone keypad when on call.

Cloud Intercoms 

Cloud Intercom systems connect to Internet cloud servers and deliver calls to apartment owners on mobile devices or any video phones / screens connected to the internet. The intercom at the apartment gate needs to be connected to a modem router in the communications room so it can access the internet, for apartments where there is no possibility of connecting to the gate intercom via cable, we offer industrial Cellular routers which can be installed in the intercom cavity and connect the intercom to the internet using 4G SIM card. Video calls are then delivered to Apps installed on mobile phones or to video intercom monitors connected in homes. For aged customers who don’t use a mobile calls can also be routed to their landline or mobile numbers.

Akuvox Smartplus and 2N Mobile Video are two of the most popular Apps used for video calls to mobiles.

How Cloud Intercoms Work

From now, devices no longer need to be connected to a single local network. You only need what is already available in most buildings – an internet connection. No additional investment is required.The advantage is that the internet provider does not need to be the same in every apartment. Simply connect the intercom and the answering units to the router. You can then add the devices in the Cloud platform and setup  calling between them.

Please see video below to understand how Cloud Intercoms add value to Apartments.

Akuvox SmartPlus App intercom smartphone integration

  • Increase the Value of Property – Cutting-edge intercom amenities boost your property’s curb appeal.
  • Manage Multi-site Property Access in One Place – Access management, door release logs audit, and system maintenance and upgrade can all be remotely carried out from a web portal.
  • Flexible Property Access Options – Flexible property access using app, facial recognition, Bluetooth, NFC, QR codes, PINs or RFID cards.
  • Easy Integration – Easy to integrate with on-premise building security systems, home automation and access control systems.
  • Supports Standard Phone Calls – Residents without smartphones can still talk to and unlock doors for visitors through a standard phone call.
  • Cost-effective Solution – Smart intercom requires less investment in building’s infrastructure with less wiring needed and lowers on-going maintenance costs thanks to remote management.
  • Monitor Entrances – See what is happening outside by accessing the camera with the touch of a button.

Please note if you prefer a particular intercom model listed on this website there is a good chance we can integrate the same for you using 2 wire technology or by connecting it over 3G/4G  or Cloud. Please email us your requirements.

If your apartment intercom system is no longer working or needs an upgrade / retrofit  please contact us for a free consultation.