Make your development stand out with a smart network that offers Multimedia Services.

We make it simple for property developers to build smart communities with solutions that offer a greater choice of services to meet the growing expectations of residents moving into new developments.Our solutions are designed keeping in mind flexibility and scalability and can be customized to suit the unique requirements of the users.

All our Solutions are IP based easy to install and are extremely cost effective . First since our devices share the common network cable there is no need for extra proprietary cable runs. Second almost all devices support PoE eliminating the need for installing power outlets and electrical cable runs.The third advantage is all our solutions are modular you can start with a basic system and add extra devices as and when required thereby saving on upfront investment.

We offer  turnkey solutions for new property developments in the following categories

SIP Intercom Systems Our SIP audio and video intercoms and public address systems offer true IP technology ensuring lower costs, investment longevity, simplified system expansion and ultimate flexibility.Our intercom systems integrate seamlessly with a large number of security and building management, CCTV, Elevator Control and Access Control systems to provide a cohesive security solution to meet your needs.

Keyless Digital Locks – Our Key-less entry locks offer multiple modes of operation Keypad , Biometric fingerprint, Bluetooth/ Zwave / Zigbee wireless functionality and also mechanical backup keys just in case.Smart Locks can communicate with the rest of your smart home network and with your phone regardless of wherever you are.You can easily lock or unlock your doors, check the status of your door lock, set a individualized entry code for a visitor or service provider and receive a text message or email when your door is accessed.

Access Control – IP Access control systems are very cost effective and offer great flexibility and scalability. Unlike traditional access control systems you don’t need to buy a whole pile of hardware, you can start with a one device and add extra devices as and when required. IP Systems can also be monitored and managed remotely over the network.

CCTV Surveillance  IP surveillance is the most flexible and future-proof option for security and surveillance installations. We offer Next Generation H.265 based scalable, well-proven network video solutions that offer outstanding video surveillance and monitoring capability, combined with exceptional flexibility that keeps costs down.

We also offer intercom upgrade solutions for apartments with old analog intercoms without the need to install new cabling

Many old apartment buildings have intercom systems that are failing or spares are becoming difficult to source. These systems would be running on proprietary cabling installed when the building was constructed making replacement of these cables nonviable or too expensive. The following upgrade options are available either by using the existing cabling or by using internet or 3G connected intercom systems.

  1. 2 wire technology allows a new intercom system to be installed over existing cabling. Any IP intercom can be installed over existing cabling by using this 2 wire technology.
  2. Wi-Fi enabled Intercoms  eliminate the need for cables, WI-Fi Intercoms are ideal for heritage buildings and sites where cabling is not feasible or too expensive to install. Wi-Fi Intercoms come with an integrated Wi-Fi module allowing them to connect with the home network without cables. For applications where the front gate is far away we offer Point to Point Wi-Fi hardware which can connect the gate intercom to the main network over long distance just the way a cable connection would by creating a virtual ethernet cable link.
  3.  3G , 4G LTE Cellular Intercoms integrate a sim card and make use of the 3G /4G mobile network to communicate with Home / Apartment users by calling landlines or mobile phones. 3G intercoms are mainly used for audio intercom application, they use a Voice SIM card and call residents on their mobiles or landlines. 4G LTE intercoms support video calls and use a 4G Data SIM card, every mobile user who wants to recieve intercom calls would also need to subscribe to the Mobile Intercom service.
  4. Cloud Intercom SolutionThe security and safety industry has seen tremendous advances in cloud-based solutions as cloud computing has opened up a world of possibilities for security and access control. Whether monitoring or controlling access for a single door or for an entire estate spread out over multiple locations,  Cloud-based hosted or managed solutions offer customers cost-effective, fully-functional turnkey solutions for Intercom and Access Control with very low investment in hardware and cabling costs.

Please note if you prefer a particular intercom model available on this website we can integrate the same for you using 2 wire technology or by connecting it over 3G/4G  or NBN.

If your apartment intercom system is no longer working or needs an upgrade please contact us for a free consultation.