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  • Omnitec Access Control Digit 2 – Keypad, Bluetooth, Prox card, Online

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    Omnitec Access Control Digit 2 Rent & Pass system allows the owner to send electronic keys and codes to visitors / guests to access the property, the keys and codes can be cancelled and deleted at any time from the administrator app.

    • Electronic Key –  Send electronic keys via an app anywhere and anytime.
    • Numerical Access Code – Open via numerical code without using  app.
    • Bluetooth Access – open via smartphone
    • Proximity Card – Open via Proximity Card or Fob
    • Realtime Management – Remote cancellation, blocking and deleting keys sent at any time.
    • Auditable Access – Access logging for each device and user.
    • Access Code Management – Code with custom properties, it can be deleted at any time.
    • Alert Function – Notification of alerts in real time, security and protection.


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  • Omnitec Gateway – Bluetooth + Wi-Fi

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    Discreet, elegant and functional

    Gateway – Buletooth + Wi-Fi converts Omnitec Bluetooth Access Units and Electronic Locks into online devices.

    With an online connection via Wi-Fi, the locks and access units send the recorded events to the cloud, with the owner being able to audit the lock from their smartphone.

    Another convenient function of the Gateway for the owner is remote opening. If a person is outside a Rent&Pass controlled door and does not have access authorisation, the owner can open the lock from their own smartphone.


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