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Bodet Analog Indoor Clocks come in different sizes with option for PoE Ethernet or Wi-Fi NTP Synchronization. Bodet Analog Indoor Clock range includes Single or Double sided models with Metal or ABS enclosure options.

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  • Bodet Metal Analogue NTP PoE / Wi-Fi Clocks – Profil Indoor Series 730 / 740

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    • Profil 730 metal clock with a 30 cm diameter dial is specially designed for the strict requirements of the healthcare sector. Brushed stainless steel casing and  tempered glass face is  quick and easy to clean and resistant to disinfectants.
    • Profil 740 metal clock with a 40 cm diameter dial is designed to withstand the stresses of industrial environments. Its brushed stainless steel housing and tempered glass face provide a robustness that is essential in the industrial sector.

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  • Bodet Netsilon 7 NTP Time Server

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    Compact and modular, the Netsilon 7 time server combines the accuracy of a master clock with the secure approach of data networks:
    • High precision internal clock with its TCXO quartz.
    • Priority order for the different synchronisation references (input).
    • Modular design allowing a wide variety of input/output signals (up to 4 expansion cards).
    • Network security management: Enable/disable encryption, authentication, and access protocols.
    • Alarm information available as SNMP traps and email.

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  • Bodet Profil Range – 930I / 940I / 960I Indoor NTP PoE / Wi-Fi Clocks

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    Bodet Profil 930I / 940I / 960I Indoor NTP PoE / Wi-Fi Clocks

    • DIAL DIAMETER – 3 sizes available : 278, 377 & 570 mm.
    • ENVIRONMENT – Indoor and outdoor models.
    • DIALS MODELS – Most PROFIL clocks are available with either DIN, notches or figures.
    • CASING COLOURS – 4 colours available : white, black, chrome and aluminium.
    • POWER SUPPLY –  You can power your PROFIL clocks with either batteries, mains supply, extra-low voltage or Power over Ethernet (PoE).

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