Why not use your existing data network to distribute high quality sound, voice paging, informacast messaging,  music / bell tones. IP /SIP Paging & PA systems are particularly suited for School Bell / PA applications and can be deployed as standalone systems or integrated with existing IP Phone Systems and are also support integration with existing legacy amplifier based paging systems.

IP / SIP PA systems are very flexible and can be used to integrate your old PA amplifiers with your VOIP phone system to enable easy paging from the phone handsets. IP /SIP PA systems easily install on existing, shared or dedicated networks and support PoE for easy and cost effective installation thereby eliminating the need for additional electrical cables and power outlets. Information dissemination across the school for broadcast of scheduled bells / prerecorded announcements, live security announcements, evacuation or public safety announcement is hassle-free,  IP/ SIP public address systems offer tremendous flexibility compared to traditional PA systems by supporting announcements on individual speakers and zones.

Automated School Bell System : Easy-to-use IP school bell system with flexible scheduling, paging, and mass notification is ideal for schools i.e., different bell tones can be scheduled for school start and close time, class changes, recess, timer bells for parent teacher meets, open days etc. can be easily customized by connecting with a PC screen. Music clips can be programmed to play before school bell to a select number of speakers or zones.

Automated bell system is a standalone appliance which operates without the need for a PC, this eliminates the common issues associated with PC based systems. Automated bell system also supports integration with existing legacy PA amplifiers and Music sources to ensure protection of existing investments to offer more flexibility and convenience.

Easy to install, cost effective and reliable SIP PA solution includes the following components

1. SIP Speakers : SIP speakers can work as standalone speakers or register as extensions to VoIP Phone Systems and can be activated by dialing the extension number to make an announcement. Users can call individual speakers or a group of speakers for mass notification by dialing a code on their phones. SIP speakers also support Multicast streaming with priority options – i.e. if music / radio is streaming on the speakers, users could barge in to make important announcements. We also offer SIP speakers with built in microphones which support two way audio for specialised applications.

2. SIP Paging Gateways :For customers who want to migrate to an IP based Automated bell and PA system but want to use their traditional PA system SIP Paging Gateways are a cost effective solution to bridge existing infrastructure with IP based paging solutions.

3. SIP Paging Servers : SIP Paging servers / adapters support scheduled broadcast of recorded announcements, school bell ring tones, etc. Pre-recorded announcements or music files can be uploaded for scheduled broadcasting . These units can also be integrated with SIP Phone systems to multicast announcements, bells, music streaming etc. at the touch of a button. Whenever there are announcements, the background music will get automatically paused / muted.

4. Analog to IP Encoders: For applications requiring multiple streams of background music for different zones, we offer  Analog to IP Encoders that enable connecting of traditional audio sources like radio, CD players etc. to an IP network. Whenever there are announcements, the background music gets automatically paused / muted.

5. Paging Mic Console : For customers who need a centralized Paging Microphone Console for making announcements we also offer a range of SIP Paging Microphones. SIP Paging consoles also support multiple speed dial buttons with labels which allow users to call just a single speaker or a group of speakers, the buttons can also be programmed to play emergency / lock down announcements etc. Multiple Paging Phones or Microphone consoles can be added to the system if required.

6. Centralized Management : For large installations involving hundreds of speakers , gateways etc. we also offer  Embedded Bell Scheduling Appliance or Audio Management Software for easy management of all endpoints, audio scheduling, remote monitoring, bulk upgrade of firmware etc. The Embedded Bell Scheduling Appliance is a better option since it does not need to run on a PC and also does not get affected by any PC issues like hardware failure / OS bugs.

7. NTP Clocks & Visual Alert Systems : NTP Clocks and Visual Alerters not only provide a means of communicating with hearing impaired but also help deliver messages in busy or noisy environments. We offer Strobes and LED displays which support visual notification, the LED displays also double up as clocks . NTP Clocks receive time updates directly from NTP servers and also support daylight savings.

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