Among the many challenges brought on by COVID-19, it’s put literal barriers in the way of communication. Plexiglass barriers have been installed at hundreds of retail stores across the country. Social distancing measures put physical distance between people. Masks tend to muffle speech or make it harder to read lips in noisy environments, making it harder to communicate. With the ongoing threat that COVID-19 poses to the community most organizations need to implement risk mitigation and contingency measures to ensure staff safety, product hygiene, and business continuance. Window intercom and Temperature Scan Access control systems can go a long way in mitigating risks and protecting staff.

The importance of high quality, clear audio can’t be understated. During the pandemic, some organizations would benefit from audio systems that help amplify speech. But what about those workers whose jobs put them in close quarters with other people, whether customers or co-workers? A two-way intercom system that integrates with a physical barrier provides workers the safety mechanism of a physical barrier during the pandemic, while not sacrificing clear communication.

Window intercoms for security and cash windows provide fully hands-free communication at counters that are secured with bullet proof glass. With fully duplex high quality audio and simultaneous talking and listening capability it will eliminate communication difficulties at counters once and for all. Typical window intercom applications include bank counters, railway/airport ticket windows, Travelex windows, movie theater ticket window, non-contact areas in jails, computer rooms, information booths, petrol stations, chemist shops, drive ins, hospitals, night service outlets, etc.

Temperature screening is a rapid, non-invasive and cost-efficient control measure that can help businesses to mitigate their risk on the work site. Temperature Scan based Access Control is fast becoming the norm for Commercial and Community Centers. The new normal brought by COVID-19 has prompted people to rethink the design and use of building access in order to protect residents and communities, staff and businesses, the public and public facilities. Akuvox’s smart intercom solutions help safeguard people’s safety and health while maintaining building operation efficiency during the pandemic and beyond. These devices automatically screen staff, residents, customers and visitors for high temperatures and mask wearing with real-time UI display and clear voice prompts.The system works automatically with no human intervention required, which saves additional labor costs and ensures a smooth flow of people.

Please check the video below to see how it all works.

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