SIP Intercom

SIP Intercoms are a generation ahead of IP intercoms, they support Session Initiation Protocol which enables them to integrate with IP PBX systems whether cloud based or on local networks.

SIP Intercoms can also work as standalone systems, however connecting with phone system enables SIP intercoms to call multiple devices. Users can make and receive both Intercom and phone calls from one device unlike traditional systems where intercoms and phones were separate devices on separate networks . This makes SIP Intercom systems extremely cost effective, they eliminate duplication of hardware, cabling and installation costs.

SIP intercoms also offer some useful features i.e. Card Reader or Keypad based Access Control for enhanced security and convenience of users. Some models also support Facial recognition and Fingerprint readers for enhanced level of security.

With the roll out of NBN more and more systems are becoming SIP intercoms are increasingly gaining popularity. We offer a huge range of SIP intercoms from world leading brands like 2N , AkuvoxDoorbird Fanvil , Grandstream etc. Please click on links to explore.

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