SIP Intercom

SIP Intercoms: Session Initiation Protocol commonly known as SIP is used for communication between two endpoints on IP networks. The communication could involve video, voice or other services between two or more endpoints. Both SIP and IP offer ample benefits for users to save money and increase productivity, hence they are often used together to maximize benefits.

SIP devices can talk directly to each other and work as a standalone system. However to maximize performance they generally use an intermediary that acts as a SIP proxy most often an IP Phone System.

SIP  enabled Intercoms therefore support connection with IP phone systems or Voice networks. Connecting with phone system enables these intercoms to call multiple devices and also supports dual use of equipment. Users can make and receive both Intercom and phone calls from one handset. Unlike traditional systems where intercoms and phones were on separate networks . This makes SIP Intercom systems extremely cost effective. They eliminate duplication of hardware, cabling and installation costs.

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