Tema AD696 / CT40 Console with 40 zone extension module

  • Supports announcements from microphone or handset
  • 3.5 ” 480 × 320-pixel color display with back light, 16 bit color
  • Quick function keys
  • Directional microphone
  • Multicast broadcasts
  • 2 Tilt angles for desktop, also wall mountable
  • PoE with 2 x Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Supports upto 6 expansion modules

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Tema AD696 / CT are a family of multi-zone consoles that allow you to make PA announcements using the microphone or handset. The console is modular and allows adding of speed dial modules to support over 250 zones.

Multicast announcements and VoIP communications
The consoles can make both one-way Multicast calls to 1 or more terminals at the same time (announcements) and two-way VoIP SIP calls to only one terminal at a time (communications). For both you can use both the handset with HD audio and the high quality microphone with adjustable arm and cardioid directional characteristic.

Keys for speed dials and extension modules
The AD696 basic unit has 8 function keys with activity LEDs, fully programmable to make instant announcements or VoIP calls on 8/28 zones. Up to 6 AD696 / CT40 modules can be connected to the console with additional function keys, each with 20 keys in 2 pages (40 selections) to extend speed dials up to 256 zones.

AD696 / CT40, PoE
A 3.5 ”480 × 320 pixel color display shows the programming of the function keys and other useful information for management. The console is powered directly from the UTP cable in the presence of a PoE (Power over Ethernet) switch or from an external 230Vac power supply.




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