Tema AD615/S – Analog to Digital Audio Encoder for Audio Streaming over IP Speakers

  • Supports G711 and G722 wideband codecs
  • PoE or 12V DC power supply
  • 3.5mm Jack for analog audio source input
  • Web interface for programming
  • External Mic connector
  • Can have multiple units on LAN


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Tema AD615/S digital IP PoE Encoder converts an analog audio signal from any external source into digital audio streaming in Multicast channels for audio signal distribution over LAN. Tema AD615/S is ideal to generate background music on the LAN in any environment (offices, establishments, public places and outdoors) with the possibility to make announcements.

FM radio tuner, CD-DVD player, MP3 player, Smartphone and Tablet, Sound Blaster Sound Card output, etc. can be connected to the device to convert the analog audio into digital audio streaming. AD615/S also has an input for connecting an external microphone with which it is possible to launch an announcement in a Multicast general call on all IP speakers connected in the network.

Audio Streaming Codec
AD615 / S offers the possibility to choose the most suitable Codec according to the audio quality and LAN bandwidth required. The following codecs are available: G711, G722, Linear at 16KHz / 24KHz / 32KHz for maximum audio quality.

AD611-AD612 manage up to 5 Multicast channels in LAN at priority levels to allow the diffusion of background music on the loudspeaker network. The generation of music programs in audio streaming can be managed from a PC of the LAN / WAN network with specific software or from specific Encoders.

LAN, protocol
TCP / IP Network 10 / 100BaseTx
Protocol SIP 2.0
Supply PoE, PoE injector and / or external power supply
PoE 802.3af class 0 12.95W
External power supply (Option) 230Vac / 12Vdc-1A
Safety access via password, activity log
Technology IMX25 400MHz microprocessor
Memory 256MB Ram, 2GB Micro-SD Flash
Multicast RTP audio streaming G.711 a-Law, µ-Law, G722  Linear 16Khz, 24KHz, 32KHz
Programming practical web interface and password
SIP Server (IPPBX) or P2P (Peer to Peer)
warranty 2 years, possibility of extension (Option)
Compatibility CE, ROHS
Package / Protection metallic / IP20
Installation table, wall, DIN rail
Storage temperature from -20 ° to + 65 ° C
Operating temperature from -20 ° to + 55 ° C
Relative humidity 95% non condensing
dimensions 74x58x25mm
Weight 160gr
External audio input
Connector 3.5mm jack
Maximum signal level / impedance 2Vpp / 600 Ohm
Isolation with internal transformer
Microphone (Optional)
Connector RJ45 owner
Type electret with power supply supplied by AD615 / S

AD615/S – Analog to Digital audio encoder Datasheet

AD615/S – User Manual


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Weight 1.5 kg


PoE Switch


AD615/S – Analog to Digital audio encoder Datasheet

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