Audio over IP

Audio over IP is the distribution of digital audio across an IP network , It is being used increasingly to provide high-quality audio feeds over local and wide area networks.

Audio over IP also known as AoIP or Networked Audio is the latest audio signal distribution technology, allowing long distance, fully controllable voice and music to be distributed over standard Ethernet cable for background music and public address applications.

Modern AoIP systems are based on common IT standards, enabling them to run alongside data traffic on networks comprising conventional switches and cables. To the other network members and components, these audio devices behave like any other node, making implementation, operation and management of such a network a easy and familiar task to the IT staff.

AoIP allows easy and cost effective installation of Automated Bell , Paging & PA systems over existing / shared networks without the need to install separate cabling infrastructure thereby saving on costs. Other advantages include ability to create multiple zones to stream different audio to certain groups, Audio over IP has no distance limitations, the only limit is your network.

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