Algo 8410 IP Display with Clock, Speaker, PoE

Algo’s 8410 IP Visual Display Speaker is a SIP-compliant notification device that comprises three core components – a 15.6″ LCD screen, high intelligibility speakers, and high-visibility LED flashers – to create highly flexible and effective visual and audible communication.

  • 15.6″ Wide-angle viewable LCD screen for off-axis visibility
  • Display for digital or analog NTP clock, scrolling text, and emergency notifications.
  • Public address (PA) IP speaker.
  • Unlimited and customizable visual display capabilities with over 16 million colors.
  • Sleep mode and screen dimming to save on power usage.
  • Secure SIP using TLS and SRTP.
  • LED flashers for attention-getting alerting.
  • Wideband HD voice for high intelligibility speech.
  • Remotely manageable for easy monitoring, maintenance, and management.
  • PoE + (IEEE 802.3at) & PoE ++ (IEEE 802.3bt) Powered
  • Ideal for a school, in addition to a waiting area / room for hospitals, government offices and transport terminals (e.g., air, bus, rail), and workplace lunch or break room and cafeteria spaces.


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Algo 8410 IP Display Speaker provides enhanced visual and audible intelligibility for effective communication in any environment. The combined functionality of the LCD display screen, speakers, and flashing LEDs enable voice paging, visual or audible alerting, and informational visual content, such as scrolling text messages, visual paging, or graphic images. Two-way communication can also be established through the embedded microphone, so real-time updates can easily be provided to admin staff. When idle, the Display Speakers can display a graphic image, rotate through a variety of messages, display a clock face (analog and/or digital synchronized to NTP), or go to sleep.

The primary element of the Algo 8410 is the LCD display. With unlimited visual possibilities, the screen can produce scrolling text, flashing announcements, full-color images, or key data points, such as dates and times. Combined with LED backlighting and wide-angle viewing, the visual display can be seen from anywhere in a room or along a hallway. It can be customized to complement an audio announcement or to bring communication to an audio-less environment.

For audible alerting the 8410 offers similar functionality and voice quality as any Algo speaker, delivering wideband HD voice for clear voice communication and attention-grabbing audible alerting. An embedded microphone is included to enable ambient noise response and talkback capabilities.

The LED flashers provide additional attention-getting awareness to complement the display on the screen and the audio from the wideband speakers. The multicolor LED can deliver alerts in different patterns and color codes to represent a variety of messages (i.e. flashing red for lockdown).

Algo 8410 is a SIP-compliant IP endpoint that seamlessly integrates into most leading VoIP communication systems.

Visual Display Screen

The 8410 contains a 15.6” LCD screen that enables highly effective visual communication in a variety of environments. The wide-angle LCD screen ensures optimum viewing from any angle or at any time of day. When not in use, the display screen can be configured to auto-dim during off-hours. With the complete flexibility of the LCD display, any combination of images, text, or clock can be presented.

A number of preloaded display options are available, such as lockdown, emergency, weather alerts, etc. However, the LCD screen is fully customizable to allow for communication with specific branding and environmental requirements.

The display clock can be shown as either analog or digital and is synchronized with NTP. Or both can be displayed for learning in a classroom.

With a highly customizable LCD screen, communication options are endless. Common screen displays include:

  • Scrolling text
  • Images
  • Notifications
  • Clock – analog or digital
  • Daily messages
  • Welcome signs
  • Rotating display/slideshow

High Intelligibility Speakers (HD Audio)

Designed for optimum clarity of sound with wideband audio (HD G.722 voice codec), the speaker in the 8410 has the same level of intelligibility and quality as all Algo IP Speakers. Wideband audio produces high-intelligibility speech for clear and crisp IP paging, announcements, and notifications.

Algo speakers include an embedded microphone to enable ambient noise response and two-way talkback. With ambient ambient noise detection activated, the volume will automatically adjust to an appropriate level based on the environment. For environments that are noise sensitive or may not allow sound at all, the visual display and the flashers are used for attention-grabbing alerts and notifications.

High-Visibility LED Flashers

With three color options available – red, amber, and green – the LED flashers on the 8410 allow for multi-color alerting. Color coding can be used to represent different kinds of notifications and alerts. Paired with the multiple flash patterns available, a user has complete flexibility in their mass notification environment. The flashers also allow for different intensities to be either the most attention-getting or to be a little more subtle based on the environment.

Algo 8410 Datasheet

Algo 8410 Mounting Template



Algo 8410 Datasheet

Algo 8410 Mounting Template


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