SIP PA System

SIP PA systems can work as standalone or integrate with IP Phone systems thereby making installation easy and cost effective eliminating the need for separate Voice and Data networks. Users can make announcements from any phone by simply dialing a code or pressing a button.

SIP PA , Public Announcement System can serve as dual-purpose solution for both announcements and background music. Information dissemination across Public Spaces for the broadcast of a security announcement, evacuation or public safety announcement is hassle-free using our SIP public address system. Live or prerecorded announcements set to broadcast on certain days or times can provide this information, clearly to a select number or all PA zones, ensuring the message is heard by target audience.

With SIP PA systems connected to your IP Phone system you’ll enjoy a quicker and more flexible installation than traditional wired analog systems. SIP PA systems integrated with IP Phones offer a cost effective and flexible paging solution compared to traditional PA systems.

If you need assistance in designing the solution or selecting the right equipment please avail of our Free Project Design Service by clicking on the link.

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