2N 914421B – SIP Speaker wall Mounted Black

Full featured standalone audio system with SIP protocol support

Take advantage of the 2N® SIP Speaker for playback of live or pre-recorded announcements.Not only from an IP phone or SIP microphone console but when using an IP PBX, even from your mobile phone.

The 2N® SIP Speaker is ideally suited for – Offices and warehouses, Health care, Schools, Shopping centres, Sports facilities, Parking and Security guarded premises, Government buildings and offices, etc.

  • High-quality audio
  • Simple integration into VMS systems
  • Scheduled announcements
  • Automatic configuration and monitoring
  • Powerful built-in amplifier
  • Use of existing LAN/WAN network
  • Reporting from Cisco devices (Informacast support)

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The new-generation 2N 914421B  SIP speaker has a built-in 2N® SIP Audio Converter. This makes it easy to create different zones, in which the sound recording or the spoken word can be played back. The system also has functionality for advanced planning. You can thus easily prepare a schedule of reporting, separately for each zone.

Installing 2N 914421B SIP Speaker is also extraordinarily simple. It makes use of the existing infrastructure, so you only need to connect it to a LAN/WAN network. Thanks to IP technology, moreover, distance limitations and additional cabling needs are done away with. You will thus be able to hook up vast and remote areas.

The intuitive setting of 2N 914421B SIP Speaker comes with online monitoring of all the speakers, which you are sure to appreciate.The 2N® SIP Speaker is powered via PoE. It can be registered as a standard branch in any IPPBX, including the centrex solutions of  telecomms operators. In addition, it can report to distant destinations direct from a desk phone.

Features & Benefits

  • Live and pre-recorded announcements – Broadcast live or pre-recorded announcements. Not only from an IP phone or SIP microphone console but when using an IP PBX, even from your mobile phone.
  • Scheduled announcements – This innovative loudspeaker also has the functionality for advanced scheduling. You can thus easily prepare a schedule of reporting, separately for each zone.
  • Informacast protocol support – 2N 914421B  SIP Speaker supports Informacast protocol. Thanks to this you will be able to play the spoken word or sound recording even from Cisco devices.
  • Server-less solutions – 2N 914421B  SIP Speaker is a comprehensive audio solution, with no need of a server. It saves you buying hardware.
  • Powerful amplifier – Integral to the speaker is a 2N® SIP Audio Converter with built-in powerful amplifier rated at 2x10W.
  • Simple installation and configuration – All you have to do is connect the speaker to the existing LAN/WAN network. The device can then be configured via its own web interface.
  • Connection of an add-on speaker – An additional wall-mounted speaker can easily be connected to the 2N 914421W SIP Speaker. You thus cover a greater area in the installation.
  • Backup proxy server – In critical situations, you’ll appreciate the backup proxy server that allows you to make announcements even in case of a failure or malfunction of the PBX.
  • Integration into VMS systems – Thanks to ONVIF support, you can easily integrate the device into video management systems. You can thus immediately react to an incident with an announcement.

2N 914421B  SIP Speaker Datasheet


PoE Switch


2N 914421B SIP Speaker Datasheet


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