Emergency 3G / 4G LTE SIP Intercoms & Paging for Car Parks, Schools, Mine sites, Highways, Bus Stops etc.

Emergency 3G / 4G LTE SIP Intercoms & Paging for Car Parks, Schools, Mine sites, Highways, Bus Stops etc.

3G / 4G LTE SIP Emergency / Safety Phones & Public Address (PA) systems for Public Spaces and Shopping Centers

People visit, gather and transit through public spaces every day, groups of people or a lone individual walking, day or night, through a public place may require easy access to help or may need to be informed of some critical events taking place in the area.

Our SIP Emergency / Safety Phones and Public Address Systems provide a solution that offers reliable emergency assistance and information dissemination.

SIP Emergency / Safety Phones with 3G /4G option

Our SIP Emergency / Safety Phones feature easy-to operate intercoms or help point units that allow direct voice or video calls to a central control location or help desk  providing assistance. 3G / 4G LTE Cellular Intercoms integrate a sim card, they eliminate the need to be connected to cabled networks by making use of the wireless mobile network to communicate with control centers.

Users can also access location, transport or tourism services via the intercom station’s information calling button. Available with Emergency or dual Emergency and Information buttons, the units are ideally suited for applications where assistance may be required in addition to emergency calling. On board configurable relays can be utilized to control lighting, duress alarms, CCTV or gate controls common within public safety and transport environments.

• Highly visible, solid, vandal resistant unit, designed with public safety in mind
• Simple 1 or 2 button operation – emergency or emergency & information calls
• Environmentally sealed
• One-touch operation, with hands free communication once call is established
• Simple installation and low maintenance
• Extremely sensitive microphone
• Vandal and water resistant construction
•  Two configurable relays
• Available in customized colours


Public Address ( PA) System

Information dissemination across Public Spaces for the broadcast of a security announcement, evacuation or public safety announcement is hassle-free using 2N IP public address system. Live or prerecorded announcements set to broadcast on certain days or times can provide this information, clearly to a select number or all PA zones, ensuring the message is heard by target audience.

Our Emergency Phones and PA Systems are suitable to applications such as Parks, Shopping centers, Malls, Car parks, Bus Stations, Train Networks, Airports, Freeways, Shipyards etc.The systems can easily be integrated into existing, shared or dedicated networks or IP Phone systems and support PoE thereby eliminating the need for electrical cables and power outlets.

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