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NTPP Time Server is a device connected to the network to distribute time information to a wide range of equipment from PCs, Printers, Network Clocks, CCTV & Access Control Systems, etc.

NTP time server delivers exact and identical time to all your equipment in complete security. It also supports time stamping, this consists in associating each event, information or computer data on your network with its precise date and time. In other words, your time server ensures the traceability of various information. Traceable time stamps provide the necessary evidence for legal actions.

Using Internet time services to retrieve and distribute the time is a common practice in many businesses. It doesn’t require any special equipment – just an Internet connection. Up to now, this practice has seemed simple and safe in principle. However…

Accessing Internet-based time servers requires a specific port that creates an opening in your firewall. This open door allows you to recover the time easily, but it also opens up a security gap. It’s this hole in your local computer network that significantly increases the risk of intrusion in each server and exposes you to viruses, attacks, spying, debilitating failures, and other cyber-threats such as Network Time Protocol (NTP) DDoS attacks.

To enhance the security of your IT network and therefore limit the risk of cyber-attacks, the most suitable equipment is an internal time server based on NTP or PTP time protocols. It’s a reliable, secure time source, easily installed within your company. It gives you a safe way to distribute an accurate, identical time to all information system equipment.

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  • Netsilon 7 NTP Time Server

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    Compact and modular, the Netsilon 7 time server combines the accuracy of a master clock with the secure approach of data networks:
    • High precision internal clock with its TCXO quartz.
    • Priority order for the different synchronisation references (input).
    • Modular design allowing a wide variety of input/output signals (up to 4 expansion cards).
    • Network security management: Enable/disable encryption, authentication, and access protocols.
    • Alarm information available as SNMP traps and email.

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