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2N IP Force Audio is a highly resistant and reliable IP door access intercom provided with a lot of useful above-standard functions. Supporting the SIP standard and being compatible with the leading IP PBX and telephone suppliers, 2N® IP Force can make use of all VoIP services. 2N® IP Force can work as a standard or emergency door access intercom for buildings, entrances to premises or garages, manufacturing halls, highways and so on.

2N IP Force Audio is equipped with two very sensitive microphones and an up to 10W loudspeaker. Thanks to an integrated acoustic echo cancelling (AEC) system, the product provides mutual audibility even of persons talking at the same time under normal conditions.

2N IP Force Audio can be provided with 1, 2 or 4 pre-programmed buttons. You can set up to three telephone numbers and time profiles for each of the buttons to increase the accessibility of the called party. 2N IP Force Audio can be equipped with a numerical keypad to be used as a code lock for lock switch activating or telephone/subscriber number dialling. 2N IP Force Audio can also be provided with RFID card reader modules.

2N IP Force Audio is equipped with an electric lock switch. You can control the switch using a numerical keypad or, during a call, using any telephone set. An additional switch module can be installed if necessary. A wide range of settings allow for a variety of applications.

2N IP Force Audio is very easy to install. All you have to do is connect the system into your LAN via a network cable and feed it from a 12 V power supply or your PoE supporting LAN.

Configure 2N IP Force Audio using your PC via any web browser. Use the 2N® Access Commander to manage extensive 2N® IP Force systems easily and quickly.

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