2N Intercom

2N intercoms are renowned for their high quality and advanced features. They are are available in flush mount and surface mount versions with a host of optional features i.e HD camera, Card Reader, Bluetooth, Touch Screen keypad, Fingerprint Reader etc,

2N intercom range includes IP Vario, IP Force, IP Verso, IP Base, IP UNI and IP Solo models suitable for various application scenarios. IP Force is one of the sturdiest intercoms suitable for extreme weather applications. IP Verso is a modular intercom which is expandable i.e. it allows users to add modules as their needs grow.

2N intercom answering units / monitors include both audio and video models and are available with Wi-Fi option for easy installation.

2N also offers a Cloud Hosted service for for home users or apartment owners who would prefer to receive intercom calls on mobiles.

We offer the entire range of 2N intercoms along with various accessories in both Australia and New Zealand markets.

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