Big Button IP Phone

Big Button IP Phones are specially designed for use by Senior people. They are ideally suited for use in Aged Care and Retirement Homes. Big Button IP Phones support SIP and integrate with telephone and security systems.  They enable Age Care / Retirement Home staff to perform their tasks efficiently.

Our Big Button IP Phones range includes both wired PoE and Wi-Fi models with option for LCD display and Wireless Pendants. The big-button keypad and the intuitive user interface enables easy navigation for the elderly with minimal training. The premium audio quality and the adjustable volume make sure the elderly can hear everything clearly. In the event of an emergency, the SOS key or the optional wireless pendants guarantee that the help is just a button click away.

Our Big Button IP Phones have been tested and installed on many different brands of IP Phone systems and Hosted VoIP Platforms ranging from Cisco, NEC, Avaya, Mitel, LG etc. In fact our Healthcare Phones will work with any SIP based IP Phone system or Hosted VoIP Solution with just the minimum configuration.

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