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School Bell and PA is an IP enabled solution which offers users the ability to Schedule various bell tones for multiple areas and zones with the ability to stream both recorded and live announcements through the same system.

Automated Bell Scheduler & PA System is useful for schools , factories, warehouses etc for streaming music, automated announcements and bell ring tones. Whenever users want to make a live announcement the system gives priority to the announcement – music will stop during the announcement and resume once the announcement is finished. The system can also be integrated with alarms to announce lock-down, emergency and safety messages.

Automated School Bell & PA solutions can integrate with IP phone systems and run on the common network infrastructure thereby reducing capital and installation costs by avoiding duplication of hardware and cabling infrastructure.

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  • 2N IP Audio Manager Software

    0 out of 5
    • Audio Scheduling
    • 10 Priority Levels
    • 100 Zones
    • 1000 end points
    • Zone / destination management
    • Managing audio inputs
    • Bulk FW upgrade of end points
    • Online monitoring of all devices
    • Remote access

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  • Adam – Audio Domain & Access Management Software

    0 out of 5
    • Total control & management of IP audio terminals
    • Microphone announcements
    • Pre recorded audio files streaming i.e. Bells, Music, Announcements
    • Multizone Microphone console
    • Scheduling Bells, Music Announcements
    • Remote Activation of relays, Adjusting speaker volume, etc.

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  • Algo 8301 SIP Paging Adapter & Bell Scheduler

    5.00 out of 5

    Wideband IP Voice Paging Adapter & Bell Scheduler for Integrating Legacy Analog Amplifiers

    • Superb audio clarity and intelligibility – no hum or noise
    • Network managed and supervised SIP and multicast endpoint
    • PoE (802.3af) for plug and play network connectivity
    • Multicasting capability for scalability to add more zone coverage and include other IP endpoints
    • Easy and intuitive web interface to configure scheduled announcements, tones, bells, music, etc.
    • Synchronization of scheduler and IP clocks using NTP server
    • Linux appliance; no dependency on software or PC for bell scheduling
    • Scheduler for School Bells, Automated announcement for retail, healthcare, shift changes etc.
    • Customizable audio files for notification. Includes chime, gong, bell, warble, barking dogs.
    • Integrated 3.5mm Jacks for Analog Music Input and Headset/ Speaker output.
    • Integrated NO / NC Relay Input and Output

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