Bodet Harmonys 8 Zone Microphone

• 8-zone microphone console to broadcast live or delayed messages: keypad with capacitive keys (each key corresponds to a zone and is equipped with a green
LED to indicate the selection of the zone).
• 3 push-buttons to record (record with replay), to broadcast live or delayed.
• Built-in loud-speaker to listen to the message before broadcast.
• “Jingle” before broadcast of the message.
• Archiving of voice messages. A filed message can be used in a step of a program.
• Supervision: SNMP v1 and v2c.

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Bodet Harmonys 8-zone microphone allows you to prerecord audio messages and pre-set broadcast areas. The 8-zone microphone is an intuitive turnkey solution, allowing you to pre-record a message, listen to it with the embedded speaker and to schedule it for broadcast! The SIGMA software installs directly onto a computer to optimise the user’s times and actions with message configuration and scheduling features.

The Harmonys 8-zone microphone allows you to schedule broadcasts


Harmonys 8 Zone Microphone Datasheet



Harmonys 8 Zone Microphone Datasheet


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