Akuvox EC32 Elevator Controller

  • High performance 32bit CPU processor
  • Standard 10/100M TCP/IP communication
  • Big capacity flash chip, 120,000 card holders and 200,000 records
  • Each panel support 32 outputs and can connect a expansion panel to reach 64 outputs
  • One RS485 port for connecting expansion panel
  • Supports emergency door release input to realize fire alarm linkage or elevator’s normal usage if emergency
  • Supports 1 Wiegand reader with Wiegand 26/34 protocol
  • Support working with Akuvox intercom devices by HTTP mode

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Akuvox EC32 Elevator Controller uses standard industrial TCP/IP  to communicate between Akuvox Intercom / Access devices and lift control.  Each controller panel has 32 outputs and can connect an expansion board to reach 64 outputs.

Akuvox EC32 Elevator Controller supports upto 120,000 cards and can keep record of upto 200,000 events. It supports Weigand 26/34 and can also integrate with Akuvox Intercom monitors to achieve lift control.

Akuvox EC32 Elevator Controller Datasheet



Akuvox EC32 Elevator Controller Datasheet


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