Harmonys Indoor IP Wall Speaker

• Sounder (for indoor) bells, melodies, voice calls and SEP* alarms.
• 3 operating modes:
– Broadcast of melodies stored in the product. Control by Sigma master clock (the Ethernet network) or by manual command from the control box (ex: SEP alarm).
– Voice calls: from microphone or sent from the computer.
– Broadcast of streaming audio and/or music from the computer.
• The adjustment of the sound level is accomplished via the embedded web server (for all broadcasts).

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Bodet Harmonys Trio Indoor IP Wall Speaker can broadcast a multitude of customisable information and messages including chimes, alerts and announcements. The Harmonys speaker has been designed to work with many different configurations possible making it suitable in any environment. Thanks to IP technology and a PoE power supply, there’s no need for a complex electrical installation. The speaker is connected directly to the site’s Ethernet network and can communicate with other devices that also have an IP address. Not only does it have technical qualities, it has a clean, modern design.

  • Broadcast chimes and melodies (up to 30 melodies included on its internal memory)
  • Remote trigger sound alerts and voice messages (such as lockdown or emergency alerts) using a SIGMA master clock
  • Live or scheduled broadcasting of announcements with the Harmonys microphone
  • Broadcast audio streaming from your computer



Harmonys Indoor IP Wall Speaker Datasheet


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