Harmonys Outdoor IP Horn Speaker

• Amplified sounder (for outdoor) for bells, melodies, voice calls and Lockdown alarm.
• 3 operating modes:
– Broadcast of melodies stored in the product. Control by Sigma master clock (the Ethernet network) or by manual command from the control box (ex: Lockdown alarm).
– Voice calls: from microphone or sent from the computer.
– Broadcast of streaming audio and/or music from the computer.
• The adjustment of the sound level is accomplished via the embedded web server (for all broadcasts).

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Amplified sound of up to 110 decibels 1 metre away–take your sound farther. The Harmonys outdoor IP horn speaker comes with a compression system. Your messages can be clearly heard by anyone near your building. The volume can be set remotely and individually using the loudspeaker’s embedded web server. It comes with internal storage space where you can upload mp3 files to broadcast chimes, melodies and lockdown alerts using the SIGMA master clock and the IP button box. The speaker can also broadcast voice calls sent from the Harmonys IP microphone.

Harmonys Outdoor IP Speaker is specially designed for outdoor use. For example, it can be installed on a wall in a school courtyard, on factory building walls or above a main entrance. This sound projector is so robust that it can withstand nearly any kind of weather. It can operate at extreme temperatures ranging from -20°C and +55°C. The audio system will work wherever it is located. The Harmonys’s case is made from ultra-resistant polycarbonate, combining durability and solidity.

The Harmonys outdoor speaker designed for large spaces



Harmonys Outdoor IP Speaker Datasheet


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