Milesight UR35 4G LTE Industrial Router with Wi-Fi, 4 x Ethernet PoE Ports

  • Hardened & Rugged Enclosure
  • 4 PoE PSE Ethernet Ports
  • Supports Wi-Fi Client and AP Mode
  • 1 RS232 and 1 RS485 Serial Port
  • 1 Digital Input and 1 Digital Output
  • Wide Operating Temp Range and Input Voltage
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The UR35 is an industrial-grade 4G LTE cellular router with a 5-port Ethernet interface for mission-critical communications.
Featured with multiple network protocols and VPN tunnels, UR35 provides secure and reliable solutions for a range of M2M/IoT deployments.

To fulfill the market demand, UR35 is built with hardened enclosure, industrial components and wide operation range from -40°C to 70°C for harsh environments.
Aside from Dual SIM redundancy and Wi-Fi for seamless wireless connectivity, it is also equipped with 4 PSE PoE ports, serial ports, digital I/O for field communications.


Milesight UR35 4G LTE Router Datasheet


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