Algo is a Canadian telecommunications manufacturer of endpoints and accessories including: PoE IP speakers, IP Loud Ringers, Zone Paging Adapters, Strobe lights, IP Automated Bell Schedulers etc..
Algo speaker and audio endpoints provide comprehensive solutions for voice paging systems, telephone alerting (e.g. loud ringing, visual ringing), safety, security and emergency notification (e.g. OSHA), bell scheduling and playing music. The products are compatible with any UC hosted/cloud or premise platform supporting IP (i.e. 3rd party SIP endpoints) or analog connectivity including: Avaya, Broadsoft, Cisco, Digium/Asterisk, Metaswitch, Mitel, NEC, Polycom and Yealink to name a few.

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Algo 1203 Call Button

Emergency alerting and customer assistance button. Single gang footprint for concealed placement, if required.

Algo 2506 Polycom Ring Detector

The 2506 Polycom Ring Detector is designed to specifically enable the Algo 8180 SIP Audio Alerter, 8186 SIP Horn Spe

Algo 2507 Ring Detector

Enable Loud Ringing, Notification & Visual Alerting without a SIP Registration – Algo 2507 Ring Detector is de

Algo 8128 SIP Strobe Light

IP Strobe Light for Telephone, Security, Safety & Emergency Alerting PoE Endpoint SIP, multicast, or dry

Algo 8138 IP Colour Visual Alerter

Multi-color IP alerter for public address (PA) and alert notification. Secure SIP using TLS and SRTP. Multicas

ALGO 8180 – SIP Paging Speaker, Loud Ringer / Alerter.

Loud Telephone Ringer / Alerter - IP PoE Speaker for noisy areas In noisy factory environments where it is diffic

Algo 8186 SIP Horn Speaker, Ringer, Alerter.

Public address (PA) IP Horn speaker. Secure SIP using TLS and SRTP. Multicast scalable. Wideband HD voice f

Algo 8188 SIP Ceiling Speaker

PoE Wideband IP Ceiling Speaker for Voice Paging, Notification Alerting & Playing Background Music IP voice

Algo 8190 SIP Speaker, Clock & Visual Alerter

Superb audio clarity and intelligibility by way of a four-speaker line array, delivering asymmetric sound dispersion

Algo 8373 Zone Paging Adapter

Wideband IP Paging Adapter With Zone Control for Integrating Legacy Analog Amplifiers Wideband G.722 codec supp

AS 3190 Analog Horn Speaker for connecting with Algo 8180

AS 3190 Analog Horn Speaker for connecting with Algo 8180 comes in high impact white plastic and features stainless
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Tenda -TEF1105P-4-63W , 5 port PoE switch

Fast Ethernet PoE switch comes with 4  PoE ports + 1 uplink port. The switch enables users to use all the PoE ports
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Delivers Power upto 100 meters Fully IEEE 802.3 af compliant Plug and Play, no configuration required Easy
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