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The 2N IP Force intercom is the most robust of the 2N Door Entry Systems .The 2N IP Force intercom is manufactured in high impact materials and with IP65 ingress protection. This robust Door Entry System is ideal in high risk areas such as public access areas, apartment blocks, prisons, universities, government offices, car parks, hospitals, etc. It also supports integration with IP Phone and Home Automation systems.

2N IP Force is available with options for Camera, Keypad, Card reader and Additional call buttons. It can also integrate with 2N Mobile Video Service to deliver calls to mobiles.

2N IP Force offers a huge range of upgrade options, associated products and accessories, allowing your IP-distributed Door Intercom System to be upgraded and adapted to include Access Control, distributed audio (such as intercom or public address) and video signal distribution. The full 2N IP Force Intercom Door Access range can be integrated into one on-site system or a multi-zone, multi-site system – all within an IP environment using SIP (Session Initiation Protocol).

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