2N IP Verso

The 2N IP Verso is a modular intercom system which can be customised to suit user needs. It provides reliable communication with option to add extra modules like call buttons, access control etc. 2N IP Verso allows you to easily interface with phone and home automation systems. It is available in nickel and black colours with option for flush or surface mounting.

The 2N IP Verso comes in a basic 2 module frame which can be extended vertically or horizontally as per customer requirements. Customers can simply customize the 2N IP Verso by adding extra modules from a choice of upto 30 module options – Keypad, Card Reader, Bluetooth, Fingerprint Reader, Nameplate, One touch Call buttons, Touch Screen Display, etc.

The installation of 2N IP Verso is very easy, all you have to do is assemble the required parts and modules and attach the network cable. The modules are plug & play, so there is no need to configure them manually. The intercom can be supplied from a 12 V DC power source, or using a PoE switch. Use your PC with any internet browser to configure 2N IP Verso or apply the 2N Access Commander to configure extensive installations of multiple intercoms.

If you need assistance in designing the solution or selecting the right equipment please avail of our Free Project Design Service by clicking on the link.

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