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IP Access control refers to the practice of restricting entrance to a property, a building, or a room to authorized persons through technological means. IP Access control system is one of the most common used system in electronic door control.

Users or organizations which require high security use different types of access control systems like Biometric, RFID, Bluetooth, Pincode etc. Each IP access unit can be controlled individually or multiple units can be centrally managed either locally or on cloud via a PC or App.

Installing an IP Access Control system also costs less because you already have much of the necessary cabling and networking systems in place.

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  • 2N 916013- Bluetooth Access Unit

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    • Different door opening modes
    • Security comparable with internet banking
    • Adjustable Communication Distance
    • Simple Installation
    • Tamper Protection
    • Indoor or Outdoor use
    • Simple Pairing Process
    • Mobile Credentials are free
    • Remote Configuration via web interface
    • Two factor Authentication

    Price quoted is for the Access Unit Mainboard without mounting kit, to order Surface or Flush Mounting kit, please click on 2N IP Access Unit Mounting Kits .


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  • 2N 916031 – 2N Access unit 2.0 with Fingerprint Reader

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    Maximum security, high reliability with rapid fingerprint reading.

    • Reliable optical technology
    • Innovative and functional design
    • False fingerprint detection
    • Web interface administration
    • Tamper Protection
    • Multi Factor Authentication
    • 2N Remote configuration

    Price quoted is for the Access Unit Mainboard without mounting kit, to order Surface or Flush Mounting kit, please click on 2N IP Access Unit Mounting Kits .


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  • 2N 916032- 2N Access Unit 2.0 with Touch Keypad

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    • Capacitive touch technology
    • Regular Automatic Calibration
    • Web interface administration
    • Tamper Protection
    • Security Relay
    • Notification of incorrect pin entry
    • Guaranteed visibility at night
    • Adjustable backlighting brightness
    • Acoustic and Visual Signallig
    • Silent alarm activation

    Price quoted is for the Access Unit Mainboard without mounting kit, to order Surface or Flush Mounting kit, please click on 2N IP Access Unit Mounting Kits .


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  • 2N 9160336 IP ACCESS UNIT – RFID reader and Keypad

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    2N® Access Unit 2.0 Touch Keypad & RFID is a compact access control unit equipped with an RFID card reader and touch keypad. The unit has a multi-frequency RFID card reader that allows using both older 125kHz cards and smart and secure 13.56MHz ones and thus covers functions of three separate access units. The device is intended for indoor and outdoor installations.

    The 2N® Access Unit is primarily intended for firms that need to control the movement of people in a building. It offers them a simple, reliable solution at an affordable price. It will also be appreciated by organisations that rent out part of their premises and need to resolve access authorisation to various parts of the building. In addition to a reliably tracking the movement of people in a building, it also provides greater security for all building users.

    • A simple IP device – just a reader with relevant software
    • Ability to open doors using a smartphone supporting NFC and HCE
    • Simple installation without the need for expert knowledge
    • High level of security
    • Representative design
    • Excellent price to performance ratio
    • Simple and comfortable operation for regular personnel
    • Option to easily connect other equipment, such as a camera system

    Price quoted is for the Access Unit Mainboard without mounting kit, to order Surface or Flush Mounting kit, please click on 2N IP Access Unit Mounting Kits .


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  • 2N 9160342 IP Access unit 2.0 with 13.56 MHz reader

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    The 916010 2N® Access Unit is a easy to install access system with IP 13.56MHz RFID and NFC ready reader, it combines all standard equipment used in conventional readers i.e., door controllers, IP converters and readers into a single device. This not only makes installation and operation of the access system simple but also reduces hardware costs using IP Technology.

    2N 916010 IP Access unit with 13.56 MHz reader NFC ready is the ideal solution for securing your premises (offices, hotel rooms, school laboratories, storerooms, garages) that need to be protected from unauthorised access. Thanks to this reliable access system, combining the function of an RFID card reader, NFC reader and controller, you decide which of your employees will have access to a given space or zone.

    The system can also be integrated with a Keypad for numeric access control, please click on 2N IP Verso Modules to select the Keypad Module and Mounting option

    To enable NFC capability on the 13.56MHz RFID reader or to select Proximity Cards / Fobs please click on the Accessories tab below.

    Price quoted is for the Access Unit Mainboard without mounting kit, to order Surface or Flush Mounting kit, please click on 2N IP Access Unit Mounting Kits .


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  • 2N Access Commander Box – 91379030

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    • Access control configuration
    • Designed for SME installations
    • Built-in time and attendance
    • Up and running within a minute
    • Visitor card management
    • User presence report
    • Intuitive operation via a web interface
    • Device Monitoring and notifications
    • Access logs supplemented by snapshots
    • Bulk management of 2N devices





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  • 2N IP Verso Modules

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    This section is for customers who have already purchased an 2N IP Verso basic intercom  and want to add extra module / modules.

    The modular design of the 2N® IP Verso intercom allows you to add extra modules to  address specific needs. The IP Verso can support upto 30 modules. Bluetooth, RFID Card reader, Touch Display, Keypad, Infopanel, Nameplate etc. to name a few. Please browse under description below for more information on the modules.

    Please select the Modules from the menu below, to select mounting frames please click on  2N IP Verso installation-frames



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    • 2 SIP Lines
    • POE Enabled
    • Full-duplex speakerphone (HF)
    • Intelligent DSS Keys (Speed Dial)
    • Wall-mount installation
    • Integrated RFID Card reader
    • Integrated one Relay
    • All-in-One: Access Control, Intercom and Broadcasting
    • Access control-by call, code, RFID card
    • IP 65 rated for dust and water protection
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  • GDS 3705 – Grandstream Audio Intercom with Keypad & Card Reader

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    • HD audio options with up to 1.5m of audio input and 3m of audio output
    • Built-in RFID chip reader for keyless entry
    • Supports SIP calls to IP phones to facilitate communication
    • Built with a metal casing to make it weatherproof and vandal resistant
    • Integrated PoE to power the device and provide a network connection
    • Built-in dual microphone and HD loudspeaker with advanced AEC offers intercom functionality

    Please note price quoted is for surface mount version for in-wall flush mounting please click on In-Wall Mounting Kit

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  • M3 Pro – Professional Outdoor Access Control unit with Touch Keypad, Bluetooth, RFID.

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    • IP65 Waterproof Design
    • IK10 Vandal Proof Design
    • Touch active keypad
    • Bluetooth magic shake open
    • Dual frequency RFID card identification
    • Less than 0.5 second processing time
    • Controller and Reader all in one
    • Can work as Standalone unit


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  • Omnitec Access Control Digit 2 – Keypad, Bluetooth, Prox card, Online

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    Omnitec Access Control Digit 2 Rent & Pass system allows the owner to send electronic keys and codes to visitors / guests to access the property, the keys and codes can be cancelled and deleted at any time from the administrator app.

    • Electronic Key –  Send electronic keys via an app anywhere and anytime.
    • Numerical Access Code – Open via numerical code without using  app.
    • Bluetooth Access – open via smartphone
    • Proximity Card – Open via Proximity Card or Fob
    • Realtime Management – Remote cancellation, blocking and deleting keys sent at any time.
    • Auditable Access – Access logging for each device and user.
    • Access Code Management – Code with custom properties, it can be deleted at any time.
    • Alert Function – Notification of alerts in real time, security and protection.


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  • Omnitec Gateway – Bluetooth + Wi-Fi

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    Discreet, elegant and functional

    Gateway – Buletooth + Wi-Fi converts Omnitec Bluetooth Access Units and Electronic Locks into online devices.

    With an online connection via Wi-Fi, the locks and access units send the recorded events to the cloud, with the owner being able to audit the lock from their smartphone.

    Another convenient function of the Gateway for the owner is remote opening. If a person is outside a Rent&Pass controlled door and does not have access authorisation, the owner can open the lock from their own smartphone.


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  • Omnitec Keysafe – Electronic Keybox For Holiday Rentals

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    • Electronic Key and Code with validity adapted to the reservation type: permanent, temporary, cyclical,by time slot or single opening.
    • Opening alerts configurable by the administrator.
    • Anti-spy code, supports up to 10 previous and 10 subsequent digits.
    • Opening, cancellation of credentials and remote audit by connection via Gateway.
    • Robust, anti-impact case.
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    5.00 out of 5

    Ultraloq UL3 Smart lock is designed to be “Real Keyless” for maximum flexibility and convenience. You are free to use fingerprint, code, key or smartphone to unlock.

    • DIY – Easy to retrofit on existing doors
    • Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (optional)
    • Touch Screen Keypad
    • Advanced Fingerprint Identification
    • Hidden Backup Key
    • IP65  waterproof construction
    • Intuitive OLED Display
    • Three Locking Modes
    • View Users and Logs
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