2N 916013- Bluetooth Access Unit


  • Different door opening modes
  • Security comparable with internet banking
  • Adjustable Communication Distance
  • Simple Installation
  • Tamper Protection
  • Indoor or Outdoor use
  • Simple Pairing Process
  • Mobile Credentials are free
  • Remote Configuration via web interface
  • Two factor Authentication

Price quoted is for the Access Unit Mainboard without mounting kit, to order Surface or Flush Mounting kit, please click on 2N IP Access Unit Mounting Kits .




2N 916013- Bluetooth Access Unit lets users open a door using Bluetooth technology (BLE) and a smartphone or tablet. All you need is the 2N® Mobile Key installed on your mobile device. The 2N 916013- Bluetooth Access Unit also supports two-factor user identification and is designed for locations with high security levels.

Various modes for opening doors : Choose whether the user has to have their phone in their hand to open the door and open it via the application, or whether they can leave their phone in their pocket and open it by simply touching the reader.
Mobile credentials are free : Unlike our competitors, 2N offers free mobile credentials. Other providers may charge you €5 to €10 per each credentialed user’s ‘virtual card.’ Simply install the 2N app and use its convenience and safety without further fees!
Security comparable with internet banking : Thanks to Bluetooth v4 (BLE) technology and encrypted communication between the access control unit and the 2N® Mobile Key application, your access details cannot be misused.
2N® Remote Configuration: Save time and money for onsite support thanks to our free service. Access all your devices remotely via secured cloud connection. Fastest response to your customers requests.
Adjustable Communication Distance : Set the mobile telephone’s range for opening doors according to the type of installation – long distance for garage entry or short distance for passing through turnstiles.
Two factor authentication : For an extra level of security in guarded areas, for example, outside regular business hours, two-factor authentication can be set requiring users to confirm their identity by combining one mode of door opening with a PIN code entered in the application.
Simple Installation : A single ethernet cable, Power over Ethernet, and the option to connect a lock, exit button, or door contact directly to the unit make installation very simple.
Administration via web interface : Simply connect the access control unit to your LAN and everything can be set up via the intuitive web interface.
Tamper Protection: 2N 916013- Bluetooth Access Unit is equipped with a mechanical protective switch. As soon as anyone attempts to damage the unit mechanically, the switch is activated and an alarm is set off.
Monitoring entrances and exits : Other expansion modules (e.g. an exit Bluetooth module, RFID reader, or keypad etc.) can be connected to the 2N® Access Unit Bluetooth, allowing you to secure a door easily from both sides.
Indoor and Outdoor use : Thanks to its mechanical properties, the 2N access control unit is designed for either indoor or outdoor installation.
Dont pay for new RFID cards : Thanks to the 2N® Access Unit Bluetooth and the 2N® Mobile Key application, you no longer need to pay for each new or replaced RFID card. Our application replaces these cards and is free of charge.
Simple Pairing Process : You simply pair your mobile telephone with the access control unit in just three steps. To pair several units at once, you can use 2N® Access Commander.


Additional information

Weight .5 kg


PoE Switch

Electric Strike

Exit Button


2N Access Unit Datasheet


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