Wi-Fi Intercom

Wi-Fi Intercoms come with an integrated Wi-Fi module allowing them to connect with the home network without cables. However we can Wi-Fi enable any intercom on this website by connecting an ethernet to Wi-Fi adapter thereby enabling it to work without a data cable. Both external and internal intercom units can be Wi-Fi enabled using the Wi-Fi adapter.

There are two major benefits of a Wi-Fi intercom system over a traditional wired intercom. The first is that installation is much easier since no wires have to be run between intercom units. The second is that you can easily move the units any time. With a wireless intercom system, you can be up and running minutes after you take them out of the box and power them up.

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11X Series – Ethernet 2 Wi-Fi adapter

Enjoy the freedom of Wi-Fi connectivity for any of your wired Ethernet devices Convert any device from Ethernet

Akuvox E12S Slimline Intercom

2Megapixel Camera, Integrated Card Reader, Real time 2 way audio, Live camera viewing Cloud or local bas

Doorbird A1101 IP Video Intercom Monitor Station

Benefits via IP • Door opener and elevator control • Visitor history (free Cloud Recording) • Weather forec
$827.00 Add

Doorbird D101 SIP Intercom with Wi-Fi, PoE

Easy to install Wi-Fi intercom solution Easy Set up : Mounts in minutes. No professional help or special tools
$675.00$740.00 Select

Doorbird D1101V Wi-Fi enabled intercom

Connection to the network via WiFi or network cable (PoE) Full HD camera with 1080 Pixel with Sony Image Sensor

Grandstream GSC3570 – SIP Intercom Touch Screen Monitor, PoE

Grandstream GSC3570 supports up to 4 SIP accounts. It can be connected to 802.11ac wifi network. It supports t
$295.00 Add