Window Intercom

Window intercom for security and cash windows provide fully hands-free communication at counters that are secured with bullet proof glass. With fully duplex high quality audio and simultaneous talking and listening capability it will eliminate communication difficulties at counters once and for all.

Typical applications include bank counters, railway/airport ticket windows, Travelex windows, movie theater ticket window, non-contact areas in jails, computer rooms, information booths, petrol stations, chemist shops, drive ins, hospitals, night service outlets, etc.

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Bank Teller Intercom MT08

Compact & Slim design Stainless steel Construction Adjustable Volume Control for Teller and Customer units
$594.00 Add

Security Window / Counter Intercom- NX6505 series

Easy to install premium digital window intercom system Two way intercom with class D amplifier. Three scen
$649.00 Add