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Window intercom for security and cash windows provide fully hands-free communication at counters that are secured with bullet proof glass. With fully duplex high quality audio and simultaneous talking and listening capability it will eliminate communication difficulties at counters once and for all.

Typical Window Intercom applications include bank counters, railway/airport ticket windows, Travelex windows, movie theater ticket window, non-contact areas in jails, computer rooms, information booths, petrol stations, chemist shops, drive ins, hospitals, night service outlets, etc.

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  • Bank Window Intercom 9500 series

    0 out of 5
    ● Electret condenser cardioid microphone; Indicator light on active microphone: when microphone is active, indicator light switches on
    ● Monitor speaker of desktop internal unit for monitoring the sound from external window unit microphone.
    ● Volume knob and on/off switch of monitor speaker for desktop internal unit (with indicator).
    ● Volume knob and on/off switch of monitor speaker for external window unit (with indicator).
    ● Speaker Connection for external window intercom unit – 3.5 mm
  • DCL20-65 Induction Loop Kit for Window Intercom

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    DCL20-65 Induction Loop Kit for Window Intercom 6505 enables to equip reception desks or counters with a hearing loop for hard of hearing people. This system enables to meet equal opportunity standards and provide accessibility to hearing-impaired people who own a hearing-aid with « T » position.

    DCL20-65 Induction Loop Kit for Window Intercom 6505 includes the induction loop amplifier, a loop, a power supply, 3 x adapted for hearing impaired area stickers, cables and clips. The device includes an audio processing unit which enables to have an automatic sound recording level enslavement avoiding loud and sudden noises.

  • Security Window / Counter Intercom- NX6505 series

    5.00 out of 5

    Easy to install premium digital window intercom system

    • Two way intercom with class D amplifier.
    • Three scene modes: quiet/standard/noisy.
    • DSP multi-channel sound technology to avoid squeal and interference between  channels.
    • Digital & Analog Recording interface
    • Cavity structure design and hard metal cavity to avoid body resonance.
    • Touch based activation button with backlight
    • 3W speaker for loud and clear communication.
    • Touch-less and hands-free operation from customer side
    • Works as a standalone system – IP network or DVR interface is optional.

    Ideal for Hospital Receptions, Clinics, Aged Care visiting rooms, Money Exchange counters, Gas stations, Chemist shops, Banking, Drive ins, Retail Night Service windows, Movie theaters, Stadiums, Theme Parks etc.

    Counter induction loop kit available.