Akuvox R29C-B Intercom with Face Recognition & Body Temperature Detection


  • 7-inch large capacitive touch screen (works with gloves on),
  • Anti spoofing – face likeness detection,
  • Touch-free body temperature measurement
  • Real-time entrance monitoring
  • Remote door opening
  • Multiple access / authentication methods
  • Dual cameras: one 120° wide-angle 3MP camera with IR and a second VGA 60° angle 5MP camera
  • Flush or Surface mountable (back boxes sold separately)
  • QR Code Scanner for ‘single use’ access
  • Android 5.1/SIP/ONVIF/Wiegand/PoE/IP65
  • Finish – Brushed Steel

Price quoted above is for intercom base unit, please select in wall / on wall mounting kit  by browsing Accessories tab below.



Akuvox R29C-B supports Access Control based on body temperature – The Akuvox R29 series is one of the most technically-advanced intercom ranges on the market, featuring state-of-the-art authentication methods such as face recognition, QR code reader, voice commands, NFC, Bluetooth and RFID. All of these identification methods are completely ‘contactless’ – further preventing the spread of germs and viruses.

Akuvox R29C-B IP Intercom with body temperature detection – is the next big step in what will become the ‘new normal’ for door intercom and building access, as architects, facilities managers and clients look for safe, ‘touch-free’ solutions.

High traffic main entrances and staff access points such as hospitals, transport hubs, factories and schools are increasingly using staff resource to manually test all people entering the building for fever-like symptoms using standard handheld infrared thermometers.

As well as taking-up valuable human resource, this manual testing puts staff at further risk of virus and disease transmission.

Using the Akuvoc R29C-B intercom with built-in temperature detection provides a fully-automated first line of defence to highlight anyone entering the building who may be symptomatic of a virus. The system can be set to highlight a specific temperature ranges and, where required, deny access to anyone presenting above the ‘safe’ temperature range.

Applications for temperature controlled door access

  • Hospitals
  • MDUs and apartments
  • Offices
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Doctors’ surgeries
  • Factories and distribution hubs

Akuvox R29C Smart Door Intercom


PoE Switch

Electric Strike

RFID Cards / Fobs

Akuvox R29 On wall / In wall mounting kit

Akuvox R29 Rain cover for On wall / In wall models.



Akuvox R29C-B Datasheet

Touchless Entry Video


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